Monday, October 21, 2013

Dark Monday • Betty Hutton Sings "Can't Stop Talking About Him"

Let's Dance poster - Betty Hutton & Fred Astaire photo Lets_Dance_zps70dcee03.jpg

When Paramount Pictures decided to go ahead with the musical 'Let's Dance',they put their top talent behind it. Their #1 box office female star was the wonderful Betty Hutton, and they paired her with Fred Astaire, a man who starred in countless hits before. They also had Frank Loesser to write the music, as he had with so many hits. That would include the toungue-twisting song "Can't Stop Talking About Him", a great number for Hutton to bring to the screen. It featured her comedic talents, as well as her unique singing style. And the dancing is pretty amazing, too. Well, check out "Can't Stop Talking About Him" for yourself.

'Let's Dance' did fine at the box office, but not close the the expectations of the studio. Instead, it was always in the shadow of 'Annie Get Your Gun', the MGM musical that was to star Judy Garland. That was not meant to be, and shortly after filming began, Judy was released from the picture. MGM made a deal with Paramount to 'borrow' their star, Betty Hutton, to play Annie Oakley. MGM ended up with the huge hit of 1950, while 'Let's Dance' remained a footnote for the year.

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