Friday, October 18, 2013

Fright Night • Playing in Darkness

Playing in Darkness photo PlayingInDarkness001_zps3109a402.jpg
Playing in Darkness photo PlayingInDarkness002_zps9dac26b6.jpg Playing in Darkness photo PlayingInDarkness005_zps770e383b.jpg
Playing in Darkness photo PlayingInDarkness004_zpse71bfdc2.jpg Playing in Darkness photo PlayingInDarkness003_zps7d6a77e3.jpg
Above: Scenes from 'Playing in Darkness'

As we prepare for the Halloween season, I thought it only right to add a little scare to your date! Maybe you can sit a little closer to someone hot, and hold on tight. Imagine the possibilities. This is 'Playing in Darkness', a short film by writer/director/star Alexander Roman. The short also features Ursula Vari as Bree, and Kenneth-Michael Glass, Matthew Hannon, Brandon Tyler Jones and Konstantin Vrotsos as a couple of frat boys looking for a good time. Alexander plays Benjamin, a character who likes to play hard, and make the best deal he can. 'Playing in Darkness' was an official selection for the 2010 Burbank International Film Festival. I can see why, with a cast of hot boys, and a story involving drugs, alcohol, and a very bad boy... Please enjoy 'Playing in Darkness'.

Have a great weekend!

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