Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cazwell • No Selfie Control

Cazwell - No Selfie Control photo NoSelfie002_zpsac506d67.jpg
Cazwell - No Selfie Control photo NoSelfie006_zps365cbf05.jpg Cazwell - No Selfie Control photo NoSelfie004_zps33494299.jpg

Once again, Cazwell proves to have an eye on Pop culture, a razor-sharp wit, and an excellent workout regime with his latest video, "No Selfie Control". The out and proud rapper takes on social media habits, specifically the need for some to feature pictures of themselves in endless succession. Those people do seem to have "No Selfie Control", posting cellphone pictures of themselves in various locations and in various states of dress/undress. The music video, which features the rapper and several other game 'friends' in a variety of settings, from post-party sofas to the bathtub. Check out Cazwell's music video for "No Selfie Control".

Now, if I looked as good as Cazwell, you might find a few selfies of me. Since that is not the case, You'd be better off checking out some other profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can purchase "No Selfie Control" from iTunes. To learn more about Cazwell, visit his official website. There you will find the latest news, and learn about his touring schedule. You can find out from Cazwell directly, if you 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter.

Cazwell - No Selfie Control photo NoSelfie007_zpsf96ce5c4.jpg Cazwell - No Selfie Control photo NoSelfie003_zpsb5462ee1.jpg Cazwell - No Selfie Control photo NoSelfie005_zpsd7b98fb8.jpg
Cazwell - No Selfie Control photo NoSelfie001_zpsae189fc1.jpg

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