Monday, March 28, 2011

Being Human (SyFy) Tonight - Going Dutch

Being Human SyFy

Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central, Being Human (SyFy) gives us further glimpses into the life of Boston's favorite vampire, werewolf and ghost with Going Dutch, a brand new episode. I am really looking forward to it, as the show has really started to tell a new story, a different one than the one told by the original BBC series. And when they are spinning their own 'reality' is the time when the show really shines, and allows the actors a chance to do the same. I'll admit it did take me a couple of episodes to warm up to Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, and Meaghan Rath, but now that I have, I truly can't wait for the new episode, and allow them to carry me to new and interesting places.


In the last episode, Josh was set loose in a fight to entertain the vampire elders, newly awakened from their Amish slumbers. Seems they come back every 50 years or so, and last time back, they seek to rectify any situation they feel needs it, leaving some death and destruction along the way. But Aidan did look cute, in that vampire/greaser 1950s way. And it is so nice getting a little back-story for his relationship with Bishop. Speaking of cute, until Josh strips down to transform, I forget what a hottie he is in all his studly splendor, usually hidden by his geeky coyness. Well, it seems it is tough to hold back on all that studliness, at least from what we can see in the this preview for tonight's show.

By the way, I'm wiht the Dutch, and wouldn't mind getting a sniff of Josh, either... For more about the cast and the show, check out the official website here.


  1. If anyone could give me the song and artist name that was being played in the background while the exorcist was trying to get Sally out, that would be great.
    They always seems to have fantastic music for this show.

  2. Anonymous, while Bishop was seeking revenge on the Elders & in the final exorcism scene,the song was "Never Came" by Sweet Apple. You can find it here:
    When the Elders were feasting on Lola & friends, the song played by "Cold Comfort" by The Flirt. you can find it here: Otherwise, I think it was original music played under the other scenes.

    It is wonderful, they use a lot of independent and lesser known acts for their music.

  3. Thank thee well Howard.
    Just realized I didn't specify which scene of the exorcism, but yes, it's the first one you said.
    As aforementioned, great music, great show.



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