Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GLEE Redux - Original Song

Paul McCartney Hey Monday
Sonseed Maroon 5
Music by Pink, Paul McCartney, the Hey Mondays, Sonseed, and Maroon 5.

Once again I am recapping the latest episode of Glee, only using the videos of the original songs rather than the made-for-TV covers. Hope you enjoy.

The show jumps immediately into Blaine and the Warblers singing Misery, a song by Maroon 5.

Blaine announces that this will be the lead song for competition. Finally Kurt steps up and says something about the fact that when the Warblers have a song, it is really Blaine with his back-up boys. It gives Blaine pause.

Rachel is singing a new song for Finn, called Only Child. Indeed it is better than the last song, Headband, but it is still fairly awful. Quinn was watching, and mentions that she worries Finn must be damaged to have the relationship with Rachel, but she still loves him. After all, he is the best way for her to be named Prom Queen.

Kurt is in his room, when Pavarotti gives his last tweet. Kurt rushes down to a contentious Warblers meeting to announce the parakeets passing. And, of course, breaks into song. He sings Blackbird, written by Paul McCartney for the White Album, but credited as usual to Lennon/McCartney.

The My Chemical Romance song is out, as Sue has made sure the band won't give the rights. Back in Glee Quinn steps up to say they will shine because of using original songs, and offers to write with Rachel. In fact, all the kids want a chance to write, and perhaps they will do all original songs.

Santana and Brittaney are having a moment, witch Santana being quite hurt. They are interrupted by Coach Sue, who threatens them, and makes Brittaney's locker explode. Santana shows up to sing a song she wrote with Tina about cute Sam, called Trouty-Mouth. Sam stops it, feeling self-conscious about the theme of the song being his mouth. Puck steps up to sing the song her wrote for Lauren, My Girls Gotta Big-A$$ Heart.

Blaine announces he does not want to sing everything, or the team will lose. He wants to do a duet, and do it with Kurt. The Warblers agree. After a commercial, Blaine says he wants to sing Candles by Hey Monday. Kurt is impressed it isn't a Top 40 selection, and Blaine says how he is inspired by Kurt. Soon, Kurt gets his first kiss, or at least one that isn't driven by rage or self-loathing. It is a lovely moment.

Mercedes sings her entry, Hell to the No. It is the best one so far! Although it is a great song, Mr. Shu isn't sure it is regional material. He mentions some of the best songs were written out of pain, and maybe the kids should think about that. Quinn and Finn are sneaking around, but only because Finn wants to spare Rachel's feelings. Quinn isn't as eager for that. When she and Rachel meet to write the song, Rachel asks about Quinn and Finn, and Quinn goes for Rachel's throat, telling her Quinn will win, and Rachel needs to go away. The songwriting team is over, and Rachel goes to write her song.

Sue meets Shu before they leave for the Midwest Regional Championship, and there is trash-talk happening.

The first group, Oral Intensity, sings a reggae version of Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine. Oh, my, this was a real song...

Next up, it is the Dalton Academy Warblers, and Kurt and Blaine singing the lead on Candles.

They immediately follow that with Pink's Raise Your Glass by Pink. The song is written by Pink, Tre' Shon Jenkins, Max Martin and Shellback. Of course, Blaine sings the lead vocals.

Finn tells Rachel to break a leg, and she tells him something right before they go on. We don't get to hear what she had to say. Rachel is singing the lead on the first original song in the competition, Get It Right, is a ballad composed specifically for Lea Michele. It is a good song, and tailored for Rachel's voice. She brings the crowd to it's feet. They immediately break into another original song, Loser Like Me. The own their experience as a loser, the slushies, the locker shoving, everything, and are bigger than it all. They end with glitter slushies for the audience, and with a heartfelt glance from Finn to Rachel. Quinn is not impressed.

The judges meet and are a wild group, going in every direction with their talk. However, it is the New Directions who take home the trophy. Sue can't help herself, and punches out the announcer. Back at school, Kurt buries Pavarotti, and is sad about losing. Blaine points out, however, that They got one another, much better than a silly trophy. They start holding hands. Back at McKinley, Rachel is named MVP by a unanimous vote, and gives a sweet speech, and they all hug. A sweet and happy ending. You know that can't last. Wonder what it up for next week...

To catch any episodes you might have missed, you can find them online for FREE at Fox On Demand here or on Hulu here.


  1. I'm no music expert - I think I've proved that enough times - but I liked Loser Like Me. I thought it was catchy and very show choiry. And I loved Kurt's Blackbird. But the best, imo, was Raise Your Glass.

  2. And the worst song was 'My Girl's Got A Big A$$ Heart' They tried to ruin 'Stray Cat Strut' when they wrote that garbage!



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