Monday, March 21, 2011

Being Human (SyFy) Tonight - Dog Eat Dog


Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central, a fresh-from-the-oven episode Being Human can be found on the SyFy Channel. The new episode, entitled Dog Eat Dog, looks like it will give us a glimpse of the elders, and much more to come on that storyline. It also allows us to see a bit more of Aidan, and his continuing struggles the his blood-lust. Check out this preview.

Or you can check out this snippet from tonight's episode.

So I thought I would run a couple of shots of the sexy stars of the show; Sam Witwer, Sammy Huntington, and Meaghan Rath. They are looking goo, although I would not object to more of the "Naked Sammies", Huntington or Witwer. Preferably, I'd go for both!

Photobucket Photobucket

For more about the show, check out the official website here.

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  1. Yeah Naked sammy all the way! That was excellent episode wasnt it! Naked sammy was bonus! I liked how they did that versus the cage in the UK version. I really could see Douglas resgination of death and life. I loved how Bishop was like hey it was spur of the moment who knows maybe he will win.



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