Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before Finn, There was Hybrid

Cory Monteith in Hybrid
Cory Monteith in Hybrid

Canadian hottie Cory Monteith, aka Finn on GLEE, was a working actor prior to winning the break-out role on the series. All young and cute, Monteith had to be an obvious choice for the lead in Hybrid, a movie about werewolves. Well, it isn't exactly a classic like Michael J. Fox's Teen Wolf. Well, it isn't even a classic story, for he is a young soldier who receives transplants, new eyes. With Dr. Justine Bateman taking care of the surgery, what could go wrong?

And, well, except for a couple of cool shots of him with all glowing eyes, I can't say I can give the movie a great recommendation. But I can't complain, I saw it for free on SyFy! Here is a a fan-made video.

So, I hope you are ready for a new episode tonight! Sexy will be on Fox tonight at 8PM, 7PM Central. Check out the promo for it:


  1. I can't wait for tonights Glee, I am really rating Season 2! It started of pretty shaky but its right on track now. The Britney episode was a major let down.

  2. nice, I'm see Glee free, but Corey is so cute



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