Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning with Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone

On some Sundays, I am not looking for the romance of music, or the inspiration, either. Sometimes, I am just looking to be bathed by the sound. It takes a special type of music to do that. I will admit that when I was trolling around looking for some new music - yeah, I actually do that sometimes, spending countless hours going through YouTube or, in the old days, MySpace - when I first came across Angus & Julia Stone I was taken aback by the beauty of Angus Stone. He left me a bit breathless, but I managed to catch up, and start to listen. While a pretty face can turn my head, it is really the music that captures my heart, and that is exactly what the brother-sister team of Angus & Julia Stone did. They stole my cold, cold heart and warmed it with their simple yet enchanting music, an odd mix of folk, classical and pop, with a healthy amount of quirk tossed on the barbie. Take, for example, their song, Yellow Brick Road, off the 2010 release, Down The Way.

That was Angus out in front, but there are also times when Julia takes her turn at the microphone. In fact, the title track from the 2006 EP, Chocolates & Cigarettes, is a prime example of the beautiful and touching personal songs the siblings are putting out.

But then we can return to Angus, here singing one of my very favorites, Paper Aeroplane. The song first appeared on the 2006 EP Chocolates And Cigarettes. While it has the strong charms of a romantic tale, it is the multidimensional and rhythmic beat of the song that makes me thing of a more sensual nature of the music.

For more about Julia and Angus, you can find their official website here. The music is available on iTunes. You can find their 2010 release, Down the Way, here.

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