Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up With Aiden James


It has been a while since I posted about the handsome songster, Aiden James, so I thought I would give him a mention. He's been traveling a bit, with a show in LA over the weekend. He's also hard at work in the studio, working on the new album. I am looking forward to it, cause it is never bad hearing that honeyed-voice of his wrapping itself around a beautiful melody. As is the case in the following video, Aiden singing Snapshot, one of the more recent songs of which I am very fond.

Speaking of being in the studio, he has been going in and out of the studio because, like every independent musician I can think of, he has to pay for it himself. So, when a musician sets up a fundraising page at one of the safe sites, like on Feed The Muse, they usually come with incentives that make it more an investment than a donation. For just $25, you will receive a autographed and numbered copy of the album, once it is complete. And that completion date is moved closer when the musician gets some help to put out the costs. Since I truly enjoy listening to heart, and that speaks to my heart. I encourage people to stop by Aiden's Feed The Muse page, and make an investment in your aural future. I know I did. Need a little more encouragement, how about another new song, one he just laid down in the studio and performed live on the Larry Flick show on SiriusXM Radio, Best Shot.

You can also find Aiden and more about his music on his website here. You can find out more about his first two studio albums, as well as a fantastic live album I not have in my collection, but was in the audience when it was recorded! I have all of Aiden's music in my collection, and think you should, too. Go buy it now, and remember to support all independent artists when you can! They are always there for me when I need to listen to their music, or see their movies.


  1. Given that I'm stuck at a computer without speakers, I'm sticking to the purely superficial...

    HE'S LOVELY!! :)

  2. Great little catch up. He sure is a talented young fella.



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