Thursday, March 10, 2011

AI10 - Top 13 Elimination #1

American Idol Top 13

Tonight we tune in for the first elimination episode of the finals, the first since about half the field was sent home during the semifinals. This is when we shall really see what American is thinking of this group, taking the first step in crowning a new American Idol.

Crusty comes out to announce an impressive 30 million votes came in last night, meaning someone is going home. Unless, of course, the judge's use the "save", a veto that can be used until the Top 5. We get a little tour of the Idol mansion, a Beverly Hills home for the contestants for the next few months. Twelve of the contestants are on stage with Crusty, as Casey is back in the hospital, and will not join them tonight. One can only assume Casey will not be leaving tonight, as that would be too cruel. Soon, it is time for a group number, a bit of a tribute to the King of Pop. Unlike some previous seasons, the contestants seem to be lip syncing. Some even seemed to have watched Ru-Paul's Drag Race, and are Lip-Syncing For Their Lives!

Back from commercial, it is time for the Ford Music Video, and it was a bit scattered, but their first of the season. The kids were also whisked off to see the new movie, Red Riding Hood.

Jacob, Karen and Stefano are called to the stage, to start creating a bottom three, the first of the season. Crusty talks to them each, asking about the week. Soon Crusty announces that all are safe. Except for Karen, which was starting out the season with just a little bit of mean. Bless her heart, she remains smiling, and we go to a commercial.

Back from commercial, Adam Lambert returns to the Idol stages with an acoustic version of Aftermath, a song he had written. This coincides with the release of an live album to be released soon. After the song, he chats with Crusty, still towering over to him. There is some witty banter, and soon J-Lo is offering to teach him "The Dougie." Laughs all around! Guess what, time for another commercial.

The next group out there is Lauren, Haley and Ashthon. Again, Crusty recaps the night and chats with the individuals. Crusty has this contrived moment with Lauren, a prolonged silence, before sending her back to the couch, safe. After the vote, both Haley and Ashton are in the bottom three, meaning everyone else is safe. All ladies in the bottom, including the 2 I predicted, Karen and Ashthon Jones. And we are off to a commercial break.

When we come back, we are greeted to Crusty announcing the next guest performer, Diddy Dirty Money, a pop group with Sean "Diddy" Combs, Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper. They perform Coming Home, and feature Skylar Grey, who made quite the impression on the Grammy Awards a few weeks ago. Diddy does some singing, some rapping, and for the most part, the song is performed nicely, although it is a bit slow. Diddy tells the kids to keep on dreaming, keep God first, a keep it real. And, attend his tour, featuring some nice, intimate venues...

Tonight, Karen is safe, and will sing next week. That leaves Ashthon and Haley, and it is Ashthon how had the fewest votes. Haley is safe. Crusty gives her the microphone, and she is singing The Boss once again, and again, starts off with questionable pitch. Seriously, I doubt the judges could consider the save for this performance. It is actually a better performance than last night, but not by a great deal. Crusty goes to J-Lo, and she announces there will not be a save, and Ashton will be going home. They run the video about Ashthon's journey on Idol set to David Cook's Don't You Forget About Me.

Ashton Jones


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