Thursday, July 15, 2010

Justin Utley - Stand For Something

justin utley,stand for something

I introduced you to Justin Utley back in May, and there is some news about him. He has just released a new single, Stand For Something, and it is good! The ballad starts off as an autobiographical tune, and builds to near anthem levels. And that is when Justin really brings it home, risking himself with the lyrics, and brings it home while avoiding being overly dramatic. His lovely, nuanced performance in the last third of the song is as damn close to perfect as you can get. I have no way of mounting the song here, but you can listen to a smaple at iTunes here or at Amazon here. You can also purchase it on
CD Baby here

justin utley

You can also catch Justin in a radio interview next week, July 24th, here. He'll be appearing on Gay Talk Radio, discussing the struggle of growing up gay in a Mormon world. Next month he will be in Columbus, Ohio, for the Gay Softball World Series, August 16-21. To find out more, you can check him out on MySpace here, or FaceBook here.


  1. Wait...this talent handsome hunk is gay?! Is he single? Available? Nevermind I'll check him out on FB - lol.

  2. Behr, while his info reveals yes to the first question, not so sure of the others. But I do love his music!

  3. Holy shit. Hot guy... AMAZING SONG.

    Downloaded the song a half hour ago. Still on repeat.

  4. Okay finally got over to iTunes and downloaded his new single. Loving it. May have to buy "Runaway" as well!

  5. Behr, so glad you did and you love it. I know I really love it, too! I've had 'Runaway' in my collection for a while, and really like it as well.



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