Friday, July 23, 2010

True Margrit - The Juggler's Progress

true margrit
Left to right: Andrew Bacon, Margrit Eichler & Gary Hobish.

In one of the more interesting new albums I've heard for a while, I started listening to The Juggler's Progress and was instantly taken aback by the sound. There is a strong 80s feel to it, from the chorus of the first song, Opposite Man, to vocals of band lead singer, Margrit Eichler. Her phrasing and vocal ticks are like visiting the soundtrack to Valley Girl, which, in case you were wondering, high praise from me.

True Margrit is made up of Eichler, Gary Hobish on bass and Andrew Bacon on drums. The San Francisco-base band has been playing dates up and down the West Coast, gaining fans at every stop. Eichler, an out and proud lesbian, and the band combine the 80s sound with more current critical darling Ben Folds. The fourth cut on the album, Syllable, is a perfect example, utilizing Margrit's quirk delivery over the driving piano-based rock of the song.

The 10th cut on the album is Make Them Beg, again emphasizing the piano-driven pop-rock, only adding the textures of some nice jazz, cooling it out nicely. It also gives the listener a chance to appreciate the really smart lyrics, as well as some top-notch musicians at work.

The Juggler's Progress is a 12-song collection, one great song after another, each with strong music and lyrics at the base. Yet each also has a tist of their own, be it the jazz flavorings, for the 80s inspiration. If you like what you heard, check them out on iTunes here. They are out on tour at the moment, traveling the West Coast. For the next week or so, they are in the Pacific Northwest, before returning to California once again. Check out the shows below, or hit the link for the website to get a fuller schedule.

Fri July 23 The Rock Bar & Coffee Lovers CaféPortland OR
Sun July 25 Jazzbones Restaurant & Nightclub Tacoma WA
Tues July 27 The Rendevouz-Jewelbox Theatre Seattle WA

Thurs July 29 4th Avenue Alehouse Olympia WA

Fri July 30 Little Eorthe Farm Orting WA
Sat July 31 Luckey’s Club Cigar Eugene, OR
Wed Aug 04 Café Cordiale Sherman Oaks, CA
Thu Aug 05 The Echoplex Echo Park, CA
Fri Aug 06 TriP Santa Monica, CA
Sun Aug 08 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA

You can hear more music and learn more about True Margrit at their official website here.


  1. You find the best stuff!
    Thanks for this, I am downloading right now!

  2. Stephen, Great! Glad you like them!



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