Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Rocks with Skott Freedman

skott freedman

Several weeks ago I posted about the return of Skott Freedman, an artist I really like a heckuva lot! I have all his albums, and his singles, too. The bisexual singer/songwriter was on the West Coast getting a Masters degree, and is back in New York gainfully employed and ready to pick up with his music once again. That is good news for me, as I look forward to new music! Skott is my new YouTube friend, and I found he recently posted videos, and I was happy to watch them, and now share some with you.

skott freedman

I thought I would start off with the video for Until The Time, a beautiful song from his Some Company album, released in 2003. The emotive quality he has in his rich voice gets me every time, and his gorgeous piano playing puts me away. This particular video has some interesting visuals.

The first recording I heard Skott do was a cover of Walking In Memphis, and I was mighty impressed. Aside from the obvious grace his had on the keyboard, I really liked what he did with the phrasing, and his vocal choices. He has such a subtle style. It also appeared on his Some Company album, which I bought as soon as I was done listening to the song.

In 2001, he released an album named Anything Worth Mentioning, and I love that one. One of the fantastic songs on it was Dominos, a layered and textured song that is really special.

I was kinda excited to watch the next clip, recorded in 2000. It is an unreleased song, which is just rather exquisite. The song is called Letting It Go.

Over a year ago, I posted about an exceptional cover of The Cranberries Zombie, and you can check it out here. I hope he does a video or two from his latest release, The Cottage Sessions, because I love that album - you can find it on iTunes here. You can find his music on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and several other music outlets. You can check out Skott's videos on YouTube here. You can find his official website here. You can find him on FaceBook here, and MySpace here.

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