Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Followers - #100 & 101

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I have to say, hitting the century mark with followers is quite amazing to me. And knowing who is #100 made it all the more special. If that wasn't great enough, there was #101, whom I hadn't known at all until she had recently commented on a post, and opted to stick around. I am liking this!

First, the 100th follower for Soundtrack to my Day is Paul Bright, the handsome and talented writer/director/actor/producer/whatever-the-hell-else-he-wants-to-do. Paul heads up Silly Bunny Pictures, whose movies have been featured here on this blog, including Angora Ranch, Theft, and Aaron...Albeit A Sex Hero. I get all warm and fuzzy at the thought Paul is following me here on the blog, it is such a compliment! You can catch Paul at the website for Silly Bunny Pictures here, his Facebook page here, or the his blog here. You can visit my latest post here and see trailers for all his films.

The addition of the 101st follower is also heartwarming. S'A stopped by, left a comment, and has continued to return. She is a 40-something blogger with two interesting blogs, Bratwurst Times and Life in Altamont. She makes her home in Illinois with her family. Stop by her blogs and tell her 'hello!'

As is the tradition, I have picked out a video to welcome the new members. I decided to go with INXS from Live Aid. They beamed in from Sidney, Australia, playing at the Oz Arena. In this clip, they sing What You Need and Don't Change, two fantastic songs! And one can never watch enough of the late Michael Hutchence performing, you know?

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