Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Covers from Daniel J. Cartier

Daniel Cartier

I have been a raging fan of Daniel J. Cartier for several years. I just love the guy; his voice and style just being all kinds of joy to my life. A couple of years ago, he did some cover songs he popped up on YouTube, and I still watch to suckers. HEre are a couple of them. The first is an acoustic cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song Under The Bridge.I have to say, it is a great song, done just perfectly by the Peppers, but Daniel definitely adds his own something to the mix, and it is worth seeing again.

In 1982, the amazing voice of Martha Davis of The Motels rang out so clear and true on the song Only the Lonely, it was most amazing. I am shocked the song made it in to the Billboard Top 10, but barely, topping out at #9. Here Daniel gives it a go, and I am impressed.

The next song first appeared in the 1971 classic Harold & Maude, written by the incredible Cat Stevens. There was no soundtrack album, and Stevens didn't release a recorded version until his Greatest Hits Volume 2 album in 1984. The song might have faded into obscurity [except for die-hard Stevens fans] if it weren't for a T-Mobile commercial, and the incredibly catchy If you Want To Sing Out, Song Out. Again, I love Daniel's deft touch with this one.

For more information about Daniel, check out his official website here.


  1. Wonder Man, I have been a fan of Daniel's for several years. Just love him.



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