Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Dance with Eric & the Adams

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Sometimes, you just have to admit you are an idiot and move on. This is one of those times. When I saw Eric Himan in May, he mentioned Eric & the Adams were going to be having a show in Pennsylvania in July, and while it might be a bit a of drive to either Pittsburgh or State College, I was thinking I might wanna do that. So far, no stupidity. That comes now. For some reason, I thought it was this weekend that it was happening, but instead, it was last weekend. I had completely blown my chance to see Eric, Angel and Jimmy performing live because of a basic inability to keep a handle on my calendar. I could have gone online to check the date, and marked my schedule accordingly, but instead, I relied on my somewhat fuzzy memory, and I missed out. Damn you, turning 50!

So, to try to appease myself, I went on YouTube to find clips of their recent Eric & the Adams Goes GaGa show, and am putting them up here. So let me start with a clip of the band getting ready backstage, starting with the handsome Jimmy taking ous on a bit of a tour while Angel and Eric get their make-up under control. The sound might be a little iffy, but I can't help it, I just enjoy these folks.

This clip is actually from an acoustic set Eric was doing on his own, although Jimmy, the bass player for the band, stepped up to play the drums. As you can see from the video, there was no rehearsal of this number, as Jimmy looked a bit shocked and giddy when Eric breaks into Bad Romance. This is some fantastic Acoustic GaGa.

Finally, we get to the show itself, and Eric & the Adams stepping up to play Just Dance. It is a short clip - just 40 seconds, but it still manages to make me happy.

For more from Eric & the Adams, check out their website here. You can also check them out on iTunes here, and once you sample the songs, you might feel the irresistible urge to buy the EP.


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