Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Morning with Eran Badinerie

Eran Badinerie
Eran Badinerie

Eran Badinerie is a wonderful artist and guitarist, offering up some beautiful songs on YouTube. I tried to look up some information about him, and I hit a bit of a brick wall, as his website sill in Hebrew, a language I don't speak. As I availed myself of some online translators, I think Eran is a musician/artist from Israel, possibly Tel Aviv. I also think he is a very handsome man, and I just love these instrumental covers of songs. His combination of styles, taking the pop/rock songs and using jazz and classical techniques to arrange his own version is both wonderful and relaxing.

Eran Badinerie

The first song I will offer to you is Shape of My Heart, the 1993 song by Sting. While much of Sting's solo work had a jazz feel to it, Eran takes it even further,

Next he takes on a New Wave classic, the song Forever Young by Alphaville. It was playing everywhere in 1989, and Eran focus' on the inherent musicality of the song, lifting it up to a touching and beautiful performance.

In 1984, a little band named Frankie Goes To Hollywood released The Power of Love. With the band, the song was a wonderful ballad, driven by keyboards and the sensational voice of Holly Johnson, a completely different feel from acoustic guitar focusing on the inner beauty.

Big Log was a solo hit for Robert Plant in 1983. Bold, brash and soulful, warmly blanketing Plant's wonderful voice. Here is just a wonderful version of it for you to enjoy.

You can find Eran on Facebook here. Should you be interested, you can purchase his Dreamin' CD at CD Baby here.


  1. His rendition of "Shape Of My Heart" was beautiful.
    Thanks for the intro to him, Howard.

  2. Bob, you are welcome. He is another of my YouTube finds!

  3. Hey... I know this guy from his 80's covers on youtube :) he is really awesome!
    I found a video of him singing in his language .. I like it :))



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