Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sacha Sacket - Viscera Project - Cocky

sacha sacket,cocky

This week's entry for Sacha Sacket's Viscera Project is actually a 2-for-1 deal! The official offering is Cocky, a great song! It has a kind of Fleetwood Mac feel to me, and I listen to it a lot! Listen to it here.

<a href="">Cocky by Sacha Sacket</a>

Well, now that you've heard it, you know you should buy it. So click on the song above, or just click here. If you buy the album [which is a minimum $1], you also get the song No One's Fool, a beautiful ballad, an ethereal song that floats into your mind. You can learn more about Sacha Sacket at his official website here.


  1. O! To be at a computer with speakers. :(

  2. Writer, get the to some speakers, the song is fantastic!



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