Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Casey James is 'Satisfied'

casey james
casey james

Recently, Casey James, of American Idol fame, performed at a private show on Malibu Beach, California, in accordance with Live Nation, a site with the catchy slogan 'Artist Powered, Fan Driven' and it is a place you can buy your tickets to many shows, including the America Idol Season 9 Tour. You can check it out here. As part of the live show, Casey performed Satisfied, a song by Ian Moore from his 1993 eponymous album. All I know is if Casey is planning to be doing music like this, I will be buying this album, and likely the only one. I have no real interest in the winner's album, and while I liked Crystal on the show, the jury is still out on whether I will purchase it.

At this point, Casey doesn't have his own website, so you can find out what he is doing at his Idol-affiliated site here.

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