Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eli Lieb • Zeppelin

Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin002_zpsc74cd18d.jpg
Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin003_zpsb8522df0.jpg Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin004_zpsec7cd8d7.jpg
Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin009_zps35c73dfd.jpg Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin007_zps5331b9f8.jpg Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin005_zpsf1acf1bd.jpg

I first discovered the talents of Eli Lieb when I came across his YouTube channel, where he was doing covers of Pop hits. His videos were not the standard internet fare, but truly stylized and individual takes on the songs. But to my surprise, I discovered he also did original music, and soon purchased his eponymous first album. After a listen, I was soon excited to say I liked his original work even more. This was confirmed last year when his single and video for "Young Love" was released, and the world stood up and took notice. Eli's style and heart are hard to miss, and his voice has such a wonderful tone and depth, I could listen forever. He is also a handsome devil, and I swear I could eat him with a spoon. Now he offers us a new song, "Zeppelin", and I am reminded why I was a fan from the start. Once again Eli takes on love, and brings us on the journey with strong words and images. I know I was eager to sing along with Eli as Zeppelin's 'Mothership' was playing. And once again, Eli it out and proud, with a boyfriend onscreen, making me a bit jealous. This is Eli Lieb with the music video for "Zeppelin".

I love the way Lieb combines Rock and Pop with a light hand, making a seamless marriage. I love the heart of this song, which exposes Eli's heart. You can purchase "Zeppelin" from iTunes, and Amazon. For more about Eli, visit his official website. While you are there, you can stop by his official store, where you can find music and t-shirts. You can also 'follow' him on Twitter, or 'like' him on Facebook.

Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin006_zpsc9479a9d.jpg Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin008_zps2b6b1c86.jpg
Eli Lieb - Zeppelin photo Zeppelin001_zps6bf03429.jpg

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