Thursday, July 17, 2014

Matt Alber • Wind, Sands, Stars

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Much like everyone else, I can be a squealing, squeeing fan of a handsome boy with a guitar, or a striking man with limber fingers at a piano. So it should come as no surprise I get a palpatation ro two when I see or hear singer/songwriter Matt Alber, and I refuse to apologize for it. You see, the man is so very talented, singing with a voice that is so pure, so sweet. Since the first time I heard him sing, I've been hooked. And it never hurts he cuts a dashing figure when he sings, with a smile that can light up any stage. He has made music that takes my breath away, like his soaring "End of the World", or that takes me on a journey, like "Velvet Goldmine", or that lifts up my soul, like "Tightrope".

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It seems I have little hope of things changing, for I will continue to to be amazed by Alber, at least his latest release, 'Wind, Sand, Stars', is any indication. You see, that is his new album, and once again, Matt has captured another piece of my heart that I hope he never gives back. The 10-song collection once again takes us on a journey, like we are the tail of Matt's kite. Sometimes we are soaring up high with him, and other times we are swooping down nearer the ground. But the entire time, we are braced by the air he breathes out as he tells us his tales. The journey beings with "Handsome Man", Matt's song dedicated to that special someone in everyone's life. It is funny, but everyone thinks their partner is that handsome man. It is funny, because it is so often true. Next up is the sweeping romance of a song that touches my heart. This is Matt singing "Spectacularly".

On the third track, we get the first of the trio of songs that make up the title of this collection. There is something that is at once quiet yet powerful in the instrumental "The Wind". We do hear Matt's voice, coming in much like an expressive woodwind, flavoring the song. I was seeing a wonderful dance choreographed in my mind. Next up, there is "House on Fire", a song with elements of Country lacing the Pop song. IT manages to combine strength and charm to warm my heart. "Joe Wolfe" begins with a conversation with an 80-year-old man who just came out to friends and family, which just makes me so damn happy. Soon, I heard a track that captured to joy of the voice. The sixth track is the only one not written by Matt, but it is pretty good. "To Make You Feel My Love" was written by Bob Dylan, and sung by so many since. On this recording, Matt is joined by London-based Brendon Sweet Rogers, and I love it. It made me go find Brendan's music, for I am now a fan. This is Alber and Rogers with "To Make You Feel My Love".

There is something evocative about the next song up, "New York City". It captures the emotions when you first enter into the city, not knowing what to expect. The music captures the excitement and nervousness, rising and falling like your heartbeat when you first see Times Square. Next, we have the second of the trio, "The Sand". Much like the first, it is an instrumental that utilizes vocals to color and warm the way. That is followed by "Rescue", a song that takes a look at the many different kinds of rescues in our lives. This is the song.

I love the saxophone in the song, it really complements both Matt's voice, and the sound of the piano. It really makes it a bit sexier. And that brings us the to the final track of the album, which is also the final entry in the trio of title songs. "The Stars" is a bit more pensive than the others, and a bit more expansive. When the vocals joins in, I feel it only heightens the wonder. There is something so dreamy, and a bit hypnotic about the trio of instrumentals that I love. So that is 'Wind Sand Stars', which is less Pop than Matt previous releases, but instead a bit moodier, a little more ponderous. In the end, I feel a little seduced by Matt with this album, and that is not a bad thing at all. You can purchase 'Wind, Sand, Stars' from iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. For more about Matt Alber, visit his official website. You can also "like" him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter.

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