Friday, June 12, 2009

New Purchase - Skott Freedman

As I was on the internet last night, I discovered that Skott Freedman has released a new CD earlier this month, and went to iTunes to download. Skott is an amazing pianist, with a lovely voice. I first came across his amazing cover of 'Walking In Memphis' a couple of years ago, and have been a fan since. He also recently released a cover of the Cranberries song, 'Zombie' that is just outstanding.

Skott is another of my indie boys, talented musicians I have been lucky enough to run across since they have no studio backing for promotion. His latest offering, The Cottage Sessions, is wonderful offering of simple production and great songs. I am particularly fond of 'Over You,' an up-tempo song that is driven by some great piano work, and 'Home,' a beautiful mid-tempo song that feels so personal, 'It's Hard to Love You,' a song about love that can take my breathe away, and 'Don't Stop,' a gorgeous pop song with a classical feel that is short but powerful.

Of course, it never hurts that Skott has these amazing eyes that just make me stare and sigh. He is from San Diego, and I have never seen him perform live, but would love to at some point. But it is a combination of some outrageous piano skills and a great voice that sells me every time.


  1. I like him, too! Love your taste in music. Now I know where to go to find what I'd like to hear. Thanks!

  2. You are welcome. Hope we continue the trend of enjoying the same music.



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