Friday, July 2, 2010

Five on the 5th - Reminder for July

five on the fifth

I got a message from Stephen Chapman, the man behind Five on the 5th.
The next five on the fifth is a few days away. You can either take 5 random pictures of anything that happens to you on Monday 5th of July (or the days leading up to it) or perhaps go for my suggested theme - this month there are 2 suggestions:

"This past weekend" or "I don't like Mondays".

So for everyone out there interested, brush off the cameras, and get ready to aim and shoot. To check out what he has to say, click here.


  1. Each month I say I'm going to do this. I need to start!!

  2. I'm with Michael...I really need to do this. But I have to opt for the "I don't like Mondays" weekend pics would be SOOOO boring.

  3. Michael, Do it! It is great fun!

    Behr, Either choice would be good, or just 5 random pictures. Would be great to have you join in the fun!

  4. Wonder Man, would love to see you join in the fun!



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