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Nik Kershaw • The Riddle Reissue

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Almost 39 years ago this November, a wonderful album hit the shelves that included one of my personal favorites of 1985. On November 10, 1984, Nik Kershaw's 'The Riddle' hit the shelves in the UK, and soon thereafter it was on the shelves of the Import shops, and then the record outlets in the US. The album featured three songs that all went into the Top 10 of the UK single charts, proving he was a force to be reckoned with, on the heals of his success with 'Human Racing'. The platinum selling classic album has been remastered and now comes heaped with b-sides and amazing rare live material all mixed by Nik himself!

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Following the acclaimed 'Human Racing' reissue, Universal Music Catalogue are now pleased to announce the Re-Presents edition of 'The Riddle'. Featuring three top 10 singles, this expanded edition comes with b-sides and live material, which was mixed by Nik himself. 'The Riddle' heralded Nik's dominance of the UK pop music scene. In 1984, Kershaw spent the most weeks as a solo artist in the chart. You could give credit to the first single off the album, "The Riddle". The song went to #3 on the UK and Irish Pop charts, and the video went into regular rotation on the American TV.

At the beginning of 1984, a Nik Kershaw had released his breakthrough song "Wouldn't It Be Good", which reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart, and was a big success in Europe. He enjoyed three more Top 20 hits from his debut album 'Human Racing'. The music video for "Wouldn't It Be Good" hit American television, and was soon in rotation. The bold imagery along with the strong song made the video a must watch, and a hit with college kids enjoying the Electro-Pop sounds coming out the England. And with his new release, Kershaw once again became the darling of the college audience, as well as those who were loving the New Wave of music coming from the UK. The second single off 'The Riddle' was "Wide Boy", and it went to #9 on the UK Single chart, and #5 on the Irish charts.

In July 1985, Kershaw was among the performers at Live Aid, held at Wembley Stadium. He played four songs on the stage, "The Riddle", "Wouldn't It Be Good","Wide Boy", and the third single off the album, "Don Quixote". I have no problem admitting this was my favorite song off the album. There is something almost combustible in the song, with the the rhythm section driving at a strong cadence, somehow held in check by the vocals. I hope you enjoy this expanded version of the music video for "Don Quixote".

The reissue includes a remastered version of the original album, which is pretty great. But that is not all, for it also includes eleven addition tracks on a second CD, which includes extended version of "The Riddle", "Don Quixote", and "Wide Boy", two B-Sides, and six live versions of songs from the album, recorded at London's Hammersmith Odeon on December 31st, 1984. The tracks all sound great, and I am so pleased I have my copy!

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You can purchase the re-release on iTunes, Amazon, and wherever great music is sold. To learn more about Nik Kershaw, visit his official website. There you can find all the latest news, and check out his touring schedule to see if he is playing new you. You can also 'follow' Nik HQ on Twitter, and 'like' him on Facebook.

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