Friday, August 16, 2013

Date Night • 'A Little Bit' & 'She Said Lenny'

A Little Bit photo ALittleBit001_zpsf1e5b8d5.jpg
A Little Bit photo ALittleBit002_zps7c113fb2.jpg A Little Bit photo ALittleBit003_zps0546f965.jpg
Scenes from 'A Little Bit', featuring Stuart Crowther, left, and Robert Wynne, right.

Tonight, I thought it only right that the boys and girls share date night. Well, sort of, at least. Not in a hetero sort of way, but more in the sense both gay men and lesbians have a chance to enjoy a short film. I will begin with 'A Little Bit', a 2012 British short written by Terence Sham and James MacDonald. Sham also directed the movie, and MacDonald served as cinematographer. The story, inspired by a lovely 2012 poem by Stuart Crowther, takes a look at the relationship of Will and Sam, and how that relationship changed over the course of a few months. Poet Crowther plays Will, while handsome Robert Wynn plays Sam. What happens once we let go? Can our heart truly rebound?

Now, before we get to the second feature of the night, I thought I would give a preview to a film that is in my DVD collection. tonight that would be 'Socket', a 2007 SciFy thriller starring the very handsome Matthew Montgomery and the oh-so-sexy Derek Long. The film was written and directed by Sean Abley, and is about what happens when some people are hit by lightning. Can it change you, and your appetites? Watch the trailer for 'Socket'.

I can tell you I have 'Socket' in my DVD collection, and and so very pleased I do. I purchased it from TLA Video, and you can do the same. You can find 'Socket' online at TLA Video, so you too can enjoy it any time you'd like. And not it is time to think about our second feature of the evening.

She Said Lenny photo Lenny002_zps61d04fda.jpg
She Said Lenny - Kate Hewlett photo Lenny003_zps19e3b148.jpg She Said Lenny - Michelle Giroux photo Lenny001_zpsaa646e35.jpg
Scenes from 'She Said Lenny' with Kate Hewlett, left, and Michelle Giroux, right.

'She Said Lenny' is a funny and touching short film directed by Jim Donovan. There is a real sweetness to the story, written by Kate Hewlett, who co-stars as Jenny in the film with Michelle Giroux, who plays Ellen. The two ladies meet at ta restaurant as arranged as part of their online courtship, only to discover an issue in communication. But with the help of the waiter, played perfectly by Jean-Michel Le Gal, Ellen learns a little bit more about herself. I hope you enjoy 'She Said Lenny'.

Have a great weekend!

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