Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cover Songs Served Live

Matt Alber photo MattAlber001_zps3183979c.jpg Tom Goss photo TomGoss002_zpsdd193214.jpg
Stewart Lewis photo StewartLewis001_zpsb5941638.jpg Tom Goss & Matt Alber photo TomMatt001_zps972ffaa5.jpg
Clockwise: Matt Alber in Philadelphia, Pa; Tom Goss in Washington, DC; Matt & Tom in Philadelphia, PA; and Stewart Lewis in Wilmington, DE. Photos by me.

If all has gone well, I will be at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia, listening to the amazing Eric Himan and his musical support, the Soultré Sisters. So I thought it only fair you get some live music as well, from shows I been to in the area, and taken pictures and videos that I can share with you. While they has some amazing music of his own, I thought it might be fun to show clips of cover songs, something that always brings the audience in even closer. First up, I offer the very handsome and very talented Matt Alber, who I have been lucky enough to see a couple of times. At his show in Philadelphia, PA, with Tom Goss, Matt did a couple of covers, but I was particularly enamored with his take on the Katrina and the Waves hit, "Walking On Sunshine". It was a hit for Katrina 30 years ago, but Matt gives it a little "Alber" shine, and makes it feel new. So here is Matt Alber singing "Walking On Sunshine".

I have seen a couple of shows of Tom Goss recently. Sometimes, it just works out like that. For the clip tonight, I decided to go with a performance from a show he did with Eric Himan at The Dunes in Washington, DC. It was just after Tom had released his take on "Can't Hold Us", written and made famous by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, off their 2012 album 'The Heist'. Tom does an amazing job with the song, putting together the layers live with a deft hand. Turn up the volume and enjoy Tom Goss performing "Can't Hold Us".

I took this clip from a show in Wilmington, DE. Wilmington-based promoters Gable Music put together an evening of singer/songwriters, utilizing both local and not-so-local talent. Stewart let me know he would be in the area, and I couldn't wait to see him live again. He has a wonderful voice, and has a way to use subtle changes to really communicate with the listeners. While he did mostly original tunes, he had fun with a medley of hit songs, showing a light hand with editing on the fly with some old and new favorites everyone knows. Enjoy Stewart Lewis as he sings the "Hit Song Medley", and feel free to join in with him, for the live audience did!

Finally, I will return to the show in Philadelphia, with Matt Alber and Tom Goss sharing the bill. Both men are talented songwriters, and early in the show, Matt joined Tom on a performance of Tom's charming song, "Till The End". While the audience was familiar with the music of both men, I don't think anyone was ready for when they joined together for a duet. They took to the stage, and did a stunning acoustic version of "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. Matt played the piano, and it was the first time I ever remember seeing Tom perform without playing an instrument! I hope you Matt & Tom singing "If I Ain't Got You".

Have a great night!

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