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BBC's Being Human • No Care, All Responsibility

'Being Human' is the BBC's series that inspired the SyFy Channel's retooling. The series follows the lives of a supernatural trio, a ghost, vampire, and werewolf, as they live together and attempt to lead a 'normal' live. It blends domestic comedy and horror drama to tell the story. The show was a breakaway hit in the 2009 debut, the show continued with the success, with a hot new cast! However, it has been announced this is the final season.

Being Human Season 5 photo BHUKS05E05_001_zps76882771.jpg
Being Human stars (left to right): Michael Socha, Kate Bracken, and Damien Molony.

The episode opens fifteen years prior, with Rook taking a group of agents into what he refers to as a 'blood bank', with cots littered with dead bodies that have been drained. He told those guys to always remember "no care, all responsibility" something he tells himself to try to maintain his sanity. They hear a noise, an cautiously move forward and find a little girl. He makes moves to help her out of the situation. As he picks her up, two vampires drop out of the rafters, and attack those men with him. Rook pulls out a crucifix, warding off the vampires. Back at the B&B, Hal is doing push-ups, trying to get back into a routine that will help him stay clean. It doesn't, as our ripped vampire jumps up to see if there is a single drop of blood left in the flask he already drained. Alex pops in, and Hal hides the empty flask. Alex wants to start a house meeting, and Tom joins them in Hal's room. First, she wants to bring up that Bobby did not want to kill himself. The boys don't believe her, so she moves to her second point: Hatch (the Devil) looked her in the eye. Again, the boys scoff at her, refusing to give it much thought. But she convinces Tom to speak to Hatch, although Hal refuses to also check out the old man.

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Alex also wants to talk to Hal about his recent despondency, stumbling around and humming show tunes. He points out they are Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, not show tunes. It is her turn to scoff, and ask why he's so squirrelly now. He denies it, but she tries to be understanding, and reminds him what Ian has said about them. She tells him she is wearing her sexiest clothes, for him. For their date that never was. While it might be awkward, they still need to talk about it, so both can be comfortable. They need to get whatever that is going on between them straightened out. Hal wants to go see Rook, to learn more about the suicides in the Hotel. When they go to see Rook, the bureaucrat thinks the suicides might have something to do with a Type 1, a ghost. Alex is insulted. She takes the Hotel file, and pops out of the offices. Rook has no idea what is going on, and Hal takes advantage of being alone by asking Rook for a refill. Rook refuses, and Hal leaves in a huff. Rook heads to the Hotel, and chats with the Devil, explaining he needs a bit of time to see the downfall of Hal and Tom. But Hutch doesn't have the time, and wants to seep things up, to protect humanity and Rook's department. Downstairs, Tom is pouring Capt. Hatch some tea, and they asks the questions Alex wanted. But Tom is distracted by a young lady who runs into the Hotel after fighting off an attacker. He tries to follow her in, but Tom threatens to call the police, and he leaves. Tom goes into the Hotel, leaving Hatch outside alone. He starts to chat with her, only she fears the Hotel is the home of a strange cult. He talks her out of that notion, and then hears about her troubles as he bandages her hand. Hal walks in, and Tom announces that he, as Assistant Manager, has hired the girl. Hal tries to intervene, but Tom will have none of it. Hal tries to fight, but the sight and scent of her blood is pulling his attention. When she goes to shake his hand, Hal can't take it and leaves the kitchen. Tom is definitely falling Natasha. He darts out of the room.

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He finds Alex in the lobby, just who he was looking for. She is pre-occupied, reading the files she stole from Rook. She talks about the suicides, and about how Hatch was a witness in 1987, and she is intrigued. She notices Tom fidgeting about, obviously trying to hide his erection, and he asks her to come check out Natasha. In the basement, Hal has closed himself in a room, trying to fight the urge for blood. He starts to arrange a box of color paperclips, struggling with his addiction. Out in the Hotel, Alex is checking out Natasha as she works, and says she is not a ghost, nor a werewolf or vampire. Tom wants to know more, for she makes him 'feel things'. Alex is catching on, and goes out to tease Tom about his crush. Tom denies, it, and thinks about what McNair told him, to think toward the future. Allison, the werewolf, is his life partner, even if he hasn't seen or spoken to her in a long time. She tells him to forget about Allison, and to spend time with Natasha, to see if she could be his special someone.

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Down in the basement, Hal is huddled under a table, having organized the clips. Natasha comes to look for him, and it once again freaks Hal out. He hears her heart beat, and sees the blood stain on her bandage. He excuses himself, and she watches him leave, no reflection in the mirror. Then she starts to leave, but sees the man who was chasing her chat with Hal, who tells the man he hasn't seen her. But back in the dining hall, Hal tells her she can't have the job, despite her pleadings. But she then calls him on his addiction, acknowledging he is a vampire. She talks to him, leaving her bloody hand on the table for him to see. He tries to send her away, but she points out that if her cut hand is a problem, it is the first in a line of many, and he will end up hurting someone. He knows that, but is still struggling to stop it. She offers to let him feed from her if he will only allow her to stay.

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In a room, Natasha is on the bed, and Hal comes in. He will drink for just 10 seconds, and she should push him away. If he doesn't stop, she must stake him. He goes for her neck, but she stops him and offers her thigh instead. He bites and drinks, and is soon shoved away. He asks to keep it a secret, and she agrees, leaving him licking the blood off his own face. Downstairs, she is changing to leave work, and Tom comes up to her, trying to talk to her, but it all comes out clumsy. She takes to opportunity to ask him out, to repay him for his kindness.

Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0014_zpsd6260565.jpg Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0017_zpsd974f70d.jpg

They head out to a fine dining establishment, where even the menus is beyond the two. Tom tries to make conversation, albeit a very stilted attempt. They chat about family and pets, and their is some sweet flirtation. Natasha suggest they leave the stuffy restaurant, and head to an arcade, they the two are off. Meanwhile back at the B&B, Alex is still going over the files, when Hal comes in. Hal goes to her side as she talks about the suicides over the last century, but Hal has other thoughts on his mind. He kisses her, romantically. She asks if he has fed, and he denies it. He thought she wanted it, but she thought they were moving slowly. He apologies, but she tells him that kiss needed no apologies at all. As they are about to kiss again, Tom comes in, humming, with a dinosaur under his arm. As they start to talk, Tom asks about sex, making everyone uncomfortable. Soon Tom is off to the library to find out more about sex, as neither Alex nor Hal seemed ready to have that conversation. Alex smiles at whole thing, but Hal is confused. That is when Alex tells him that the werewolf is smitten with Natasha, the girl from which Hal feeds.

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The next day at work, Hal tells Natasha the deal is off, and she must steer clear of him. She asks why, and he tells her that Tom is his friend. Tom and Natasha walk together down the hallway, changing the linens. Tom smiles at a middle-aged couple he believes to be newlyweds giggling. Natasha things it is more likely they are married and having an affair. After discovering she was right, he admits to being slightly slow, and most think him dimwitted. She prefers to think of him as sweet, not stupid. Tom asks her over to the B&B for dinner, he will cook. She agrees. He kisses her, and she smiles. Downstairs, Hal is fighting the bloodlust again, but Alex pops in hoping he will ask Hatch a few questions. He asks about Bobby, and then she tosses the Devils newspapers to the floor. His feigns surprise. As Hal asks about another suicide, he fakes a cough. Alex soon dumps him out of the chair, certain he will save himself. He did not. Hal is embarrassed, and rushes to the mans side. Afterwards, Hal demands Alex quit her investigation, and they have a small fight. Alex leaves, and Hal soon finds himself alone in the office, and a blond woman comes thru, bleeding from her knee. As Hal goes after her, he is stopped by Natasha. He asks for one last feeding, to try to keep himself from attacking others.

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Upstairs, Alex pops into Hatch's room, and he is asleep in his wheelchair. She snoops around, The Devil wakes up, and stares into her eyes. She is frightened, on pops down to get Hal. See catches him feeding, and pops out, but not before he saw her. He finds her on the boardwalk, and he tells her how Leo kept him locked up, the windows boarded for two years. Alex asks if he thinks it is their fault he is slipping, and he says no. He wants to feed the monster a little, so it doesn't take over and drink everything within his reach. Alex doesn't buy it, and is angry and hurt. She sends him away, but she won't tell Tom, for she knows it would hurt him deeply. But he must now leave them, for despite his promise, he never went to them to say he was in trouble. He went to the blood instead. She wants him out of the B&B, leaving all his stuff and being on his way. HE didn't ask for help because he didn't want any. She storms off, threatening to stake him is she sees him again.

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Back inside the Hotel, Natasha is heading out and is stopped by Rook. He mentions she's been wanting to be a part of the department for years, and he was trying to make it happen now. Natasha is struggling a bit, for she has feelings for Tom. Rook tells her both Tom and Hal are monsters, the kind that killed her mother, and left her an orphan. Meanwhile, Tom sits in the B&B, waiting for Natasha to share dinner. But she is not showing up. Rook goes to the Devil, to tell him their plans might be paying off now. Natasha finally shows up, but as Tom serves dinner, she must tell him something. She shows the bite mark, and tells him it was Hal. Tom grabs his stakes and makes to leave the B&B. He is crushed when she tells him in detail about his best mate, and so angry. He tells her to go somewhere safe, he is going to take care of Hal.

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Back at the Hotel, Rook is fixing tea, and Hatch is enjoying the rise in the negative energy. On the way out of the B&B, Tom tells Alex he is going for Hal. As soon as Tom is gone, Hal comes wandering up, asking Alex for help. He asks her to strap him in, to keep him from people. She does. At the Hotel, Natasha goes to the room with Rook and Hatch, to talk to Rook. She wants to fix things with Tom - she hated seeing him so hurt. She calls Rook out for using her as bait. Rook won't have any of it, and will take care of her as well. She reminds him she is human, and he must protect her. He storms off, and Hatch calls for Natasha. She goes in to him, and he whispers to her.

Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0031_zps973d90f4.jpg Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0032_zps9115d693.jpg

Alex finds Tom, and they talk about things. Tom is so hurt, believing the worst. She tells him they must get Hal clean, properly this time. Tom offers the option of staking him. Alex fears what that will do to Tom, how it will change him. Hal tells her he has killed many vampire, and it never has changed him. But Alex asks if that would include his friend... Back at the B&B, Hal is singing Gilbert & Sullivan, when Natasha comes in with a knife. He mentions she will need a wooden stake to kill him. she doesn't listen, just starts to cut the leather ties binding him to the chair. He tells her to stop, but she doesn't listen. She then slits her own throat. Hatch senses it all happening. Hal rushes to the girl, trying to save her. He even offers to make her a vampire. She refuses, just wanting to die. But that is what she wants. So he cradles her in his arms as she passes. Tom and Alex come home, discussing how to proceed. They walk in and find her dead, and Hal covered in blood. Tom demands he get away from her, then comes at him with a stake. Hal tells him he didn't do it, but to no avail. Hatch is enjoying the cosmic storm this creates. As Tom goes to stake him, Alex pushes him away, confused and crying. Tom storms out, angry with both his friends. Hal tries to thank Alex, but she wants none of it. He tells her what happened, but she doesn't believe him. His trying to tie it with the other suicides only angers her more. She doesn't know what he is capable of, but he is surrounded by death. Dejected, he leaves.

Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0033_zpsf093e777.jpg Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0034_zps1da4d123.jpg

Just as Alex is about to go outside, Natasha calls to her. Her ghost is sitting on the stairs. She tells Alex Hal was not at fault, but tried to save her. Natasha doesn't know what happened after she spoke to Rook... Alex wants to know what Rook has to do with any of this. As Natasha explains, they hear something from the living room. It seems the dead body is repeating "He will rise" with a gravely voice. Alex recognizes that from the pictures of the suicides, and asks if Natasha spoke with Captain Hatch. She did. As she finishes the story, her door opens.

Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0035_zps36d2b5b9.jpg Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0036_zps381b6c43.jpg

Alex pops over to see Hatch, and tell him there will be no rising while she was still around. Down in the kitchen, Tom is sharpening stakes. The dead body continues to repeat "He will rise", and Alex tries to figure out what it means. Hal walks into a bar, looking hungry. As we still hear the voice, we see Hatch moving his legs, getting ready to stand. Tom is filling vials with his own blood, to use against a certain vampire. Hal locks the door to the bar, and smiles as he moves toward the people. We hears the screams of the patrons. Hatch rises behind Alex, then grabs her. He tells her he is the Devil just before he shoves her through a mirror. Like Alice in Wonderland... With a black screen, we hear Alex trying to remain calm in the darkness, and figure out what has happened to her. She find some light, and discovers she is in a coffin, next to a rotting corpse. She screams. As the camera pulls back, we discover it is her own grave she is buried in.

Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0037_zps40be7684.jpg Being Human Season 5 Episode 5 photo BHUKS05E05_0039_zps41a0d2f4.jpg

Can Hal and Tom find a way to work together to find Alex? Will the Devil destroy the trio, thus ending the show for good? Will Rook figure out he is in league with the Devil before it is too late? The final episode EVER of 'Being Human' can be seen at 10PM on Saturday nights on BBC America! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the fourth season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow BBC America on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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