Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fuzz Face • Fuzz Face EP

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Chris, Matt and Sam of Fuzz Face.

Sometimes I just get so excited, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. As I type this post, I am experiencing that, and on many levels. When I first heard of Fuzz Face, I was listening to JD Doyle's OUTRadio broadcast for August 2013, he interviewed Samuel Damewood, and played some of the songs. I was instantly engaged by the fun, bold, frank, and bawdy band. Before the segment was over, I was on iTunes, buying the 2013 EP. The band referred to themselves as "the south's loudest and proudest queer alt folk rock band". The Nashville-based band are: Sam on violin, fiddle and vocals; Matt on guitar and vocals; Chris with percussion and vocals; and Lucian on the Dobro and electric guitar. Sam and Matt were at the creative core of the band, writing the music and taking most of the lead vocals. So what could have me riding the roller coaster of emotions? As I was preparing to post about the music that was giving me such great joy had decided to call it a day. Yes, it seems Fuzz Face are no more. But you know something, I am still gonna talk about the great music they made, and tell you that this EP should be in your music collection. Like now. Yes, it is that good.

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Fuzz Face photo FuzzFace0002_zps12ad386f.jpg  photo FuzzFace0003_zps5e426e21.jpg
Shots from live shows.

So now I am going to talk about the music, which is what enchanted me to begin with. The five-song EP starts out with the strains of a violin that soon gives way to a driving percussive beat, and Sam's voice singing about the inherent need to cover up a sexy, hairy chest. Yes, that is the dialog on "Button Up Boy", a bold and suggestive anthem to male sensuality, and how we are perceived affects us. There is something inherently soft and aching to "Old Man". There are wonderful harmonies in the chorus, where the lyrics allow us in on the intimate nature of the song. From the opening bars of "Cowboy", there is no mistaking the hard-driving Country sound those boys are making. You can listen to all the reasons they want a Country man in their lives...

There is another bold Country sound for "Furry Belly", a look at all the joys and distractions of going Bear hunting. Kind of like a Mardis Gras tradition in Bear bars, the boys are looking to get some fur exposed! "Came Out Hard" slows thing down the tempo, but ups the sexy greatly. There is a breathy, whispering quality at times that will give way to a throaty exclamation, which certainly is familiar, isn't it? Only with greater instrumental accompaniment. Here is a live performance of Matt and Sam playing "Old Man", the second cut on the EP.

The five songs on the EP are amazing individually, and collectively show a great range of talent. It is one of the saddest part about the breakup, but on the bright side, I still have this EP, and can play it all I want. And I have played it repeatedly, and it only gets better. I can't pick a favorite, for each song speaks to be in one way or another. Since the band has broken up, the official website has been taken down. So to learn more about Fuzz Face, visit their page on Facebook, or their page on ReverbNation. You can purchase the Fuzz Face EP from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

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