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BBC's Being Human • The Last Broadcast

This is the recap for Season 5 Episode 6 of Being Human, the final show of the BBC's series that inspired the SyFy Channel's retooling. The series follows the lives of a supernatural trio, a ghost, vampire, and werewolf, as they live together and attempt to lead a 'normal' live. It blends domestic comedy and horror drama to tell the story. The show was a breakaway hit in the 2009 debut, the show continued with the success, with a hot new cast! Unfortunately for those who love the show, the BBC recently announced this would be the final season.

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We last saw our trio, things were not good. Alex and Tom thought Hal had killed Natasha, and Tom has vowed to get his revenge. Then Alex saw Natasha (the ghost), who told her Hal was not to blame, but did mention Captain Hatch, aka The Devil. When Alex went to talk to Hatch, he pushed her into a mirror, where she disappears. Tom was off sharpening stakes, and filling vials with werewolf blood. We also saw Alex was trapped in a coffin. It was her own coffin, and she was beside her rotting corpse. And Hal was heading off into a bar, and it was obvious Lord Hal was coming out to play.

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The final episode begins with Alex as she figures out she is in a coffin, underground. I would call that the intersection of Panic and Hysteria. Then we cut to the bar, where Lord Hal is kind enough to offer us some entertainment, and he sings Irving Berlin's great song, "Puttin' On The Ritz", as he awakens his newly-made progeny in the bar. Instead of a cane, Lord Hal uses a pool cue to great effect. He is quite debonaire, for an outta control blood-fuelled vampire.

Back at the Hotel, the body count was mounting, with the corpses of kitchen staff and diners littered about the place, some entombed in appliances, others with silverware sticking about, and still others, well, you get the idea. It seems after a thousand years, the Devil will be released, to prepare the world for a great battle. This doesn't sound good at all, and looks a fright. Hatch is up and walking, and leaving the Hotel. Back in the coffin, it seems as though Alex has calmed a bit, but not entirely. She can't just pop out, nor can she pass through the coffin like they do in X-Men movies. With concentration, she can, and soon her hand pushes through the grass above the coffin, and she manages to pull herself up. Once free, she vows to get Hatch. Back in the bar, Lord Hal is giving a rousing speech to his new progeny extolling the joys of vampiric living. Just as he begins to mock werewolves, Tom walks in, as if on cue. He is prepared for battle, and proceeds to take out Lord Hal's crew, either by staking them, or tossing werewolf blood on them. Hal, of course, remains calm and cool. After offering Tom a glass of water, Hal tells him that Tom friend, 'good' Hal, was gone, and it is not Lord Hal's turn to enjoy what the world offers. Tom accuses Lord Hal of killing Natasha, and once again the vampire tells him he did not, that she killed herself. I must say, this Hal is way sexier than the wimpy one we've seen as of late. But back to the story. Lord Hal tells Tom that good Hal put up a great fight, and he loved Tom and Alex very much. Tom thinks not, but Lord Hal points out good Hal thought Tom smart, but Lord Hal finds him stupid. Tom regrets his good and kind friend is gone, but soon the two are engaged in hand to hand combat. Just as Tom gets the upper hand and tries to stake Hal, the stake disappears. Alex is there, and she wants to talk to her friends.

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Back in his library/office, Rook is sitting when Hatch walks in, complaining about the fight some of his victims put forward as he killed them. Rook is surprised to see him, not sure what to think. Hatch tells him he is the Devil, and a look of recognition comes over Rook. And the Devil needs one more favor from Rook. Back in the bar, Alex is keeping the two boys apart, trying to explain what is going on. She tells them Hatch is the Devil, and tells Tom the vampire is telling the truth, Natasha did kill herself, having been sent to cause this divide by Rook and Hatch. Lord Hal laughs, realizing they have ben played. He explains the Devil feeds off the conflict between vampires and werewolves, and just a century ago, the two joined forces to strip him of his power and banish him. Tom wants to repeat the ceremony, and Lord Hal thinks he can remember it all. But Alex wants to know if they can trust Lord Hal. He thinks they can, or the apocalypse is not good for anyone. Hal points out, on the other hand, that while good Hal was struggling to remain good, Alex and Tom both refused to trust Hal. Alex doesn't want to get bogged down in this chatter, and instead wants them to go out of the bar and see what they can do. But Hal realizes one of his progeny is still alive, and he must take care of him first. The ghost and werewolf exit, leaving the vampire alone. He goes to the guy, fills his flask with his blood, and then kills him. Outside the bar, Alex tells Tom they must trust Hal, at least until the ceremony is done. Tom acknowledges that afterwards, they will need to take care of him. Then Hal joins them. The obnoxious but hot Hal says they need to go back to the Hotel, and leads the way. They walk down the middle of the empty street, seeing the carnage everywhere. Outside the Hotel, they find three dead bodies, lying still after jumping from the roof. It seems whenever the Devil whispered to people, they killed themselves. Tom is grateful he can't whisper to the entire world. The trio soon realized his proximity to the vampire and werewolf as they had their silly fighting, like over the 'Employee of the Month' thing is what restored the Devil's power. As Hal mentioned that Rook certainly aided in the fighting, they seem him walking up. Once he sees them, he starts to run away. They catch him, and he tells them he did what he did for the greater god, to protect society. He tells them Hatch came to see him, to get the codes to take over the television and radio broadcasts, something Rook's department had on file. Hal suddenly realizes the Devil now had a way to whisper to everyone.

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We cut to Hatch walking up to a broadcast center, a smirk on his face. Back on the street, we see Rook walking alone, when a car pulls up, and his governmental boss tells him to get in. AFter some static hits the screen, the 'Emergency Broadcast' sign goes up, and we see Hatch in the picture. He wants to talk to everyone out there, but first he has a few things to say. Outside the center, Alex, Hal and Tom walk up, finding dead bodies on the ground, a sure sign the Devil was near. As they go in the building, we hear he talk about how he suspected the while he was away, humanity would build a Utopia. Alas, we did not. He tells everyone God made humanity so He could retire, having created the pinnacle of all things living. Instead, we elected leaders who abused privilege, and made war, not peace. People have polluted the world, and tried to take away the dignity of others. He speaks of how we have found the lowest common denominator, and worshiped it, like false Idols. He might as well mentioned Honey Boo Boo, the Amish Mafia, and almost everything Andy Cohen has programed on Bravo. In his absence, we've done much of the Devil's work for him. Just as Hatch is about to 'whisper' to all, our trip walk in to the studio. The Devil pauses his show, to deal with Hal, Alex and Tom. They tell him the are united now, he can't use them. He mentions they are not a clear as they might think, but he doesn't really need them, for he will break up the work into four quadrants, and take on each, recreating the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, all by his lonesome. Just as he sets the people working at the station on the trio, Hal brings out the blood of the werewolf, and the blood of the vampire, two important parts of the ceremony. Hatch points out the ceremony will kill those who take part in the ceremony, but Hal tells him they don't care, knowing his blood is not involved. Alex and Tom agree, and Hal starts to mix the blood in his flask. He tells Alex to drink it, and asks Hatch if there are any last requests. No, he really doesn't care. The Devil just smiled, and pointed his fingers at Hal and said "bang". Hal is back on a battlefield, bleeding from a wound. After some searching, Hal realizes he is back where he became a vampire, and Hatch is there to watch. Hal mentions the army doctor was a vampire, and he recruited Hal. He feels strange, and Hatch explains it to him. The Doctor has not found him yet, and he is still human.

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Cut to the room where Alex is sitting in the corner in her robe. Hatch is there, and asks her where they are. She looks around, and realizes it is where she and her family spent their holiday. She realizes it is the night she dies, when she is getting ready. Cut to Tom waking up with a gasp, and the Devil explaining he was a tough one. He is in the B&B, but someone is missing. Who might it be? No, not Alex and Hal, but something else... The Wolf. He is no longer a werewolf. Back with Hal, the Devil offers a deal - Hal could turn down the Doctor, and live out his life as a human. Hal says he can't stay there, knowing the Devil will tear apart the world in five centuries. Hal doesn't want to hear it, but the his best friend, Leo, is standing there. Back with Alex, she is also being tempted, with love, career, babies, and sex. She can't, she tells him, but he thinks she can. He won't destroy this world, only that other world. And she can't have both. But here, she would have her father again. We zip back to Tom, asking if this is a dream. The Devil hedges a bit, calling it a gray area. If Tom accepts, he will have a happy life there at the B&B, with Allison, and there yet to be born baby. Back to Hal, he is crawling toward Leo, having missed him so. Leo speaks of their first meeting, and wants to know why Hal introduced himself. Hal admits it was for dogfights. Leo tells him the names of the five people Leo killed, names he can not forget. If Hal takes the deal, they can all be spared that pain. Back with Tom, Allison is talking to him about possible names for their baby. Tom is stunned, and she tries to help, by making him tea. He asks how they met, and she recounts meeting at the cafe, and going to the museum with Alex and Hal. He asks what they have in common, and she mentions several things, but not the wolf. She tells him she loves him because he is kind, caring, handsome, and a good lover. Tom wants this to be true, but he still struggles. HE kisses her, and asks for a moment alone. Hatch returns, and they talk. Tom mentions the blood in the flask is not Hal's, so will the ritual still work? Hatch tells him it would weaken him, but not get the desired effect. Just like last time. Back with Alex, she is hugging her father, even as he struggles to get free. He thinks she looks drained, so why not put off her date with that Hal guy for another day. She bursts into tears, and he doesn't know what to do. She isn't sure she can cancel, at least metaphorically. He tells her that her mother was crazy, having missed out on knowing her, seeing what a great young woman she has become. He goes out to smoke, leaving her alone. She tells Hatch that it was a low blow to use her father like that. He tells her it is just what he does. So she should cancel her date.

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Hal is struggling but Leo is helping him stand. But Leo isn't real, just symbolic. Hal is struggling with life, but he continues to remember a man, and Tom and Alex. Leo tells him to forget all that, just remember to resist the doctor. Hal figures it out, this is all a trick. Hal needs to talk to Hatch. He is busy with Tom and Alex, promising them love and family. But it doesn't work, and all three worry about the other two, their true friends, their new family. Hal tells Hatch that deep down, they are human, and he calls for the doctor. And Alex gets dressed for her date. And Tom, he turns him down, and puts a stake in the Devil's heart. And all three wake up with a start, in the television studio. Tom tells him he knows it is not Hal's blood, but they decide to go forward with the ritual anyway, and Hal must be around in a century to kick the Devil's arse properly then. The Devil's minions try to stop them, and Alex tries to drink from the flask, but it is being kicked in the fight. Alex picks it up and prepares to drink it, only to have Hal knock it from her hands, and it shatter on the floor, unusable. Hatch is back on the television, ready to whisper to one and all. He has a secret he wants to share with the world. But he is distracted by something floating in the air. Suddenly, a black substance escapes his mouth, and he is shot in the head with a rifle. It is Rook. Like clockwork, people from his agency come in to clean up the mess. The spell seems to have released the people in the studio, who are all unsure what went on.

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Back in the B&B, the trio watch a newscast explain away what happened. Hal tells them he must be off, for they are truly annoying him now. Alex turns to Tom, telling him they must do it now. Tom resists, saying they need him for when the Devil returns. Tom asks to speak to his best mate, good Hal. He asks if they are waking their time, trying to be human. Hal turns to him and say they are already human, and Tom is not wasting his time, he already was human. He says goodbye, and moves to leave. Only he can't get out the door, Alex is keeping it shut. And Tom advances, with a stake. They all understand what is happening. Hal thinks they don't have the stomach for this, but Tom thinks otherwise. There is a knock on the door. Tom answers, and it is Rook. He tries to explain once again he was trying to do what he thought right. Alex is having none of it, she is pissed. Rook announces he has resigned his post, but the bureau was to continue to be funded. Alex can't handle it, and leaves the room. Tom follows her out. Hal asks Rook how he heard Alex, having responded to her question. How did he do that. Rook told him his insides were on fire, and Hal drops to the floor in pain. When Tom and Alex come back in the room, he blows them around, announcing he was the Devil, switched just before he Hatch was shot. Hal tosses a vial of his blood to Hal, who adds his own. He shoves it to Alex, who must drink it. She does, only a few drops spill to the carpet. Soon the trio are choking, unable to catch their breath. The devil leaves Rook, and starts bouncing around the room, breaking up the decor. Alex begins to vanish. Rook wakes up, and Hal tells him the Devil must find another human, and Rook was the only one in the building. Rook tells Hal to kill him the moment the Devil returns. It does, and Hal shoves in the stake. All four lay on the carpet.

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First Tom wakes up with a cough, and then Hal. He asks if all are well, and Alex signals they are. Tom asks if the vampire was good Hal or Lord Hal, and he is confused, answering neither. Then Alex stands up, and Hal notices she is bleeding. But not just that, she is also sore, and her tights are ripped. How? What about Tom? He tells them his wolf is gone, he can't find him inside. Hal walks slowly to the bar, and timidly raises his eyes. He dan see himself in the mirror. It seems with the Devil gone, their curses, which came from the Devil, were broken. They are human. In the next scene, Alex is eating everything in the house. Hal can't believe she is still at it. Then Tom joins them, and forces Hal to talk to Alex. Was she planning on returning to her family, to to stay with the boys. Before she can decide, she needs to get in touch with her family, who think she is dead. Alex wants to know what is there for her in Wales? Hal confides he is there for her. I must admit, I do miss Lord Hal. Next thing you know, Tom is calling them to the sofa, as 'Antique Roadshow' about to begin, and they have that game they play. The camera then pans over a shelf, and we see mementos of George, Mitchell, Annie, Nina, Tom, Alex, and Hal, As well as the origami wolf made by the Devil. And the screen fades to black, the story is finished being told.

'Being Human' can be seen at 10PM on Saturday nights on BBC America! For more about the show, visit the official website here. But keep in mind, the show is done. It would be like keeping your eye on the undead... Oh, yeah, we did. For five seasons. You can purchase previous episodes from the fourth season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow BBC America on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.


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