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BBC's Being Human • The Greater Good

'Being Human' is the BBC's series that inspired the SyFy Channel's retooling. The series follows the lives of a supernatural trio, a ghost, vampire, and werewolf, as they live together and attempt to lead a 'normal' live. It blends domestic comedy and horror drama to tell the story. The show was a breakaway hit in the 2009 debut, the show continued with the success, with a hot new cast! However, it has been announced this is the final season.

Being Human BBC S5E4 photo BHUKS5E4_Cast_zps2dd37b91.jpg
Being Human stars (left to right): Kate Bracken, Michael Socha, and Damien Molony.

When we last saw our sexy supernatural threesome, our heroes were having quite the exciting life, as it were. Alex was still trying to make sense of what has been happening around her since she died. Tom was thinking of his father McNair, and how he wanted success so the young man could make him proud. Now this seems odd to me, as McNair and the boy lived out of a van in the woods, but I digress. So when small-time television weatherman (and recent addition to the werewolf pack) Larry Chrysler showed up to speak at the Hotel, Tom was impressed. And Hal was dealing with a relationship with another ghost, Lady Mary, who was convinced she was the vampires last victim. Tom discovered Chrysler wasn't the man Tom thought he was, and Lady Mary found out Hal wasn't the reformed bad boy she thought he was. And both needed the help of Alex to sort things out, including keeping the ghostly Lady Mary from staking Hal. Only Hal needed a bit more assistance, and he called on Rook to help him clean up a mess. It seems Chrysler didn't run away exactly. His lifeless body was taken away by Rook. What could our trio get into this week?

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As the episode begins, we see Rook entering into his old offices, talking to Bobby, explaining how he has to move out of the archive and into the B&B. It seems Bobby is a werewolf, and Rook wants the trio to look after the werewolf. Rook feels Bobby could learn from Tom, and besides, the household owes him. Hal quickly tosses out the reason Rook is owed because he cleaned up after Ian Crumb, the out-of-control vampire on a killing spree. Rook fears the bloodsucker has hooked up with a former coworker, Alan, deepening the problem. And Rook wants Hal's help with Crumb, and Tom to look after Bobby. He exits, leaving the boys wondering about it all.

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Alex accompanies Hal on a visit to see Crumb, only to discover the vampire bloodstained and not alone, with a vampire named Alan. And three dead bodies, drained of their blood. Alex thinks the boys need to be staked quickly, but Hal disagrees, thinking enough destruction has been unleashed, he wants to try to rehabilitate Crumb. He offers Ian his help, and the dirty mess agrees. Back at the B&B, Tom is iron a shirt getting ready for work, chatting with Bobby. It seems Bobby has led a rather sheltered existence, with an affinity for hurting himself. But he has a preoccupation with a certain answering machine. Then Hal and Alex walk with, with Ian and Alan in tow. Tom is not happy, for he wanted no other supernatural beings to be in their lives, and not there are three in the B&B. Quickly Hal shames him into acceptance, just before the werewolf heads to work, with Bobby joining to keep him safe from the soon-to-be-jonesing vampires.

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At the Hotel, Tom continues to be short-tempered with Bobby, who is frightened by the size of the room. Tom heads off to do work elsewhere, leaving Bobby alone in the room with the Devil. Back at the B&B, Hal and Alex have strapped Ian and Alan in, as they prepare them for what is to come. Detox will not be pretty, and later, they will institute a full calendar of tasks designed to keep them clean. Alex then exposes two glasses of blood - one of the human varietal, brought in by the boys. The other is werewolf blood, donated by Tom. The first will lead to a slow erosion of their soul, the second will instantly kill them. If things get so bad for them, all they have to do is ask, and they can choose to drink from one glass. Only they must be prepared to die for it... Ian asks why Alex is still there, despite how many bad choices Hal has made. She explains that Hal is fighting to be better every day, and she admires that spirit.

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When Tom returns to the dining room, he finds bobby under the table. Tom joins him there and talks to the werewolf. He discovered Bobby was turned when he was just 12 years old, on a trip to the country. And more than 30 years later, he still feels bad that his family was killed by the werewolf, yet he survived. Rook has told him all this time that wolves are savage beasts, and the world must be protected from him. But Tom takes an interest now, wanting to teach the man how to live with the curse without hurting anyone. Back at the B&B, Ian is starting to hallucinate about his victims, just as Hal said would happen. At first he shakes it off, but he continues to see Hazel, his last victim. Alan is working to get loose from the ties, and finally does. Ian is being tormented by Hazel, who discovers Ian's crush on Alex. Soon, Hazel/Alan is setting Ian free as well, despite his protestations. Driven crazy with the detox, Ian breaks a chair and uses the wood to stake Hazel, only to discover it was Alan he staked, killing the vampire.

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And so the training begins, Tom trying to teach Bobby all about the hotel hospitality industry. It starts with phone training, at which Bobby struggles. He wishes he could be more like Tom, who he things is brilliant. After all, he wears a tie. Back at the B&B, Hal and Alex great the day and their detoxing charges with a smile, only to be told that Ian staked Alan, but did not drink any blood. Knowing Ian is serious about getting off the blood, he wants to begin his training.Soon they are jogging on the beach, and cleaning the house. And Bobby is tailing behind Tom, trying to learn as much as he can about the job, as well as being a werewolf. In fact, Hal and Tom are exhausting themselves, making Ian and Bobby versions of themselves! Ian and Hal are meditating, and Ian remembers his niece, and a sweet time they had. But he also remembers her as he killed her mother, and then her. Hal tells him to remember her whenever he craves blood, for that is what that addiction brings. Ian wants to know what Hal thinks about to stop him. Hal remembers a a woman 200 years before. He describes his relationship with Lady Mary, how his love for her cause a physical ache, it was so strong. But suddenly one day, he couldn't control himself any longer, and he killed everyone in the house, including Mary. Ian asks if that is why Hal is with Alex now, so he couldn't kill her. Hal assures him they are not together. Alex comes in to see how they are doing, and Hal needs a moment to recover from his memory and retires to his room. That gives Ian a chance to hit on Alex.

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Alex leaves the room to tell Hal the latest, and finds Hal brooding, wanting to stop the training, fearing the effort to control the blood-dependence is futile. Are they just faking their way through to the next inevitable killing? Alex says yes, much like life, they are striving to be as normal as possible, no matter what is actually going on. It is then she decides to go on a date with Ian, to show just how normal things could be, despite Hal's protests. Back at the Hotel, Tom has a present for Bobby, the answering machine he keeps mentioning. Bobby is excited, and pulls out a min-cassette to play on it. It has a message from his Mother, who was killed in the attack that turned him to a werewolf over thirty years before. It seems it has been 15 years since Bobby's been able to hear her voice, and he gives Tom a big bear hug. Mr. Rook comes in, and fears Bobby is attacking Tom and breaks it up. He has bad news, the investors he thought would keep the archive open were not on board. His anger about this raises the head of the Devil, in the other room. But Rook stopped by to try to being Bobby back to the archive, which had the power turned off. Tom offers to let Bobby stay, but avoids the hug as he is still recovering from the last one.

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Soon they are joined by Hal, Alex and Ian. Rook is shocked Crumb is still alive, but Hal explains Ian is working through his issues. Oh, the Devil is loving all this anger and negativity, to be sure. Ian tells Rook how he is changing, and even has a date with Alex later that night. Rook is taken aback by how far Bobby and Ian have come in so short a time. He fears he might have been on the wrong track all these years, and needs to consider taking the minor job with the Ministry of Agriculture as a junior researcher. On his way out, he is stopped by the Devil, who weaves a tale of his capture and captivity by the vampires. He recognizes the gray suit, from when he was saved, and figured it all out. Including how surprised he was to have a vampire and a werewolf working at the Hotel. Was he there to take out the supernaturals? Rook explains his department has been dissolved.

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Downstairs, Ian and Alex are on their 'date', and Ian is proving to be every bit an ass as expected. He is rather rude, and somewhat insufferable. Hal is their waiter, and Ian is even rude to him. Upstairs, Rook is still chatting with the Devil, only he hasn't realized it yet. They are talking about the supernatural in general, and how it is only a matter of time before a vampire or a werewolf loses control, and Rook will be needed again. But he won't be there. The Devil suggests he let's something happen, to prove his worth. Rook admits he tried that, but it did not work as planned. It was too small to worry the bureaucrat. How big does it need to be, asks the Devil, planting a seed. You might say it was a Demon Seed... What if something happened while Tom was changing in the woods, and Bobby and Ian were at the B&B? Bobby gets locked in the basement of the Hotel, by Rook, of all people. Upstairs, Alex is still suffering bravely, but Ian is losing his control, feeling ignored, invisible. Bobby tries to call Tom or help, but both start to transform with the full moon. Once the transformation is complete, Rook unlocks the door, setting the wolf free. He goes up to sit with the Devil while the mayhem happens in the dining hall. Hal gets everyone out of the Hotel, while trying to keep Bobby at bay with a chair. Rather than helping, Ian panics and runs. Hal tries to lead Bobby through the hallway, keeping humans safe. Just as it seemed Hal was trapped by Bobby, Tom breaks in to the Hotel, and tackles Bobby. Hal jumps out of the room, and Alex locks the two werewolves in.

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In another room in the Hotel, the Devil realizes the plan has gone awry, and tells Rook they have to do something about Hal and Tom, who continue to interfere with their plans. Rook believes that is not the right way to go, but the Devil disagrees, and in his fervor, he digs his nails into Rooks hand. The Devil apologizes, and asks if they could complete their card game. While Rook thinks he has a winning had with a Royal Straight, the Devil beat him with three-of-a-kind, and lays down 6-6-6. Outside in the hallway, Hal is glad Tom came to protect him, and thinks the two wolves will be fine. They share a laugh about their 'normal' lives, only to have Ian come up, bitter about their closeness. Ian feels tired, humiliated, and thirsty, and wants Hal to bring him home. Once at home, Ian still seems angry, and grabs a bottle before heading down to lock-up. Back at the Hotel, the werewolves wake up, and tom apologizes for not making sure he was safe before he left Bobby. And that he might have exaggerated a bit when he spoke of himself. But Bobby is okay with it, and they hug. And Alex pops in, and the boys realize they are naked. Later, Bobby excitedly tells Alex about all he plans to do, like go to school. But she thought Hal should be back to work by now, so Tom and she go home to check on him. As soon as they are gone, the Devil comes to Bobby and whispers in his ear.

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Back at the B&B, Hal is waking up, strapped to the chair in the basement with Ian looming over him. Hal begs to be set free, before 'he' shows up. But it is too late, and those familiar black eyes come out. It is evil Lord Hal, and he wants to play with Crumb. But then nice Hal returns, frightened that Lord Hal is harder to stave off with each passing day. Two glasses of blood are in front of the vampires, and Ian unstraps Hal. They will each take a glass, and one will die with the werewolf blood, and the other kill a bit more of their soul. Ian picks first, and takes his like a shot. Hal moves to take his, only to have it batted away by Alex. Only then do we see Ian burning from the inside, the werewolf blood taking its toll. In a blink, Ian is gone, and Hal is unsure what he was going to do. When they go back to the Hotel, the find Bobby has hung himself in a room. Rook is taking the body away, and snaps at the trio. Tom is crushed, blaming himself for not taking better care of the wolf. Alex questions the suicide, for Bobby was so excited about his life, about the future. As she is about to leave, she notices the cranky old man, the Devil, looking right at her. Back at the B&B, Hal is struggling with a flask of blood given to him by Rook a few episodes ago. He tries to fight it, but finally drinks thirstily. Oh, Hal.

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Now that Rook is in league with the Devil, how will he be with our friends? How will Hal's quest to stay clean be hurt by his slip? How will Tom forgive himself for Bobby's death? Can the three fight the Devil, even though they don't know he is there? 'Being Human' can be seen at 10PM on Saturday nights on BBC America! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the fourth season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow BBC America on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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