Friday, February 18, 2011

Ben & Andy Cohen - Mmm Mmm Good

 photo a46bb18f-3f5f-45b0-8fc8-94cdf6b4b261_zps54c810b2.jpg Andy Cohen photo Andy_Cohen_zpsdfde9d73.jpg
Left: Ben Cohen. Right: Andy Cohen

English Rugby player Ben Cohen recently made a quick trip to the US, and stopped by to have a beer with BRAVO executive/personality Andy Cohen. The two are not released, despite the shared last name. In fact, they are different in several ways. But despite that, they still find a way to get along. Check out the video.

So yes, they are both hot - I check out Ben's calendar every day, as it hangs on the wall.

Ben has been outspoken with his support of the LGBT community, both on and off the field. To find out more about the incredibly handsome sportsman, check out his official website here. This is not the first time Ben's been mentioned on this blog, check out here, too.


  1. Ben is hot, but Andy always looks like he needs a bath to me, and, well, I'd rather give Ben a bath.

  2. Bob, I think that is because Andy always seems to be seating every time they turn the lights on. LOL But Ben, oh man!



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