Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free Download from Archy & Mehitabel

To celebrate the pending St. Valentine's Day holiday, Lee and Alex of Archy & Mehitabel want to not only share the love with their fans, but also with some people just discovering their brilliance. So those handsome and talented boys agreed to offer free copies of LIFE IN LÜBECK, a compilation of 7 tracks from Welcome to Lübeck and the Asanginica single, plus the video for Callisto and a never-seen-before digital art booklet. Check out the video for Callisto, and tell me you wouldn't want it on your iPod?

How can this FREE DOWNLOAD be yours? Very simple, really. Post a reply here, telling me one of your favorite romantic evening, a great way to spend a Valentine's Day, and you will qualify to win the LIFE IN LÜBECK package mentioned about. I'll start it all off, and say, for me, there is something about going out and sharing live music that exhilarates me, just makes me happy. After listening to great music, I feel such a rush, and I am on such a high...

So, what works for you, get's you in the mood?

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