Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Music - Aitan Valentine


I was just turned on to a new Los Angeles-based artist I am finding quite interesting at the moment. After getting a heads-up from agent/PR man Bob Bradley, who run Authentik Arists in LA, told me to keep an eye out on this guy named Aitan, I figured it was worth a listen. And I sure am glad I did, cause this gives me [and you] a chance to jump on board with a new talent from the start. According to the note, today Aitan is set to release a special two-song EP just for Valentine's Day. The EP, enticingly called Be My Valentine, can be picked up on iTunes for under $2. You can get it here. Here is a clip of the handsome young man talking about the new release.

While I can't find any video for either song on the EP, I can tell you I've heard both, and they are in my iTunes. Both songs have that so very current Pop singer/songwriter feel, kind of like Bruno Mars, only I really like Aitan's voice. The EP is produced by Stewart Cararas, a hot dude who has worked with many of the American Idol winners, including Kelly Clarkson, Be My Valentine is a sweet mid-tempo ballad, an honest exploration of love. The other song, To The Stars, is the real star of the collection for me. There is something that sounds so very real, so true to the song, I was kinda stopped in my tracks as I listened, and put it on replay to to really allow myself to be bathed with it. It has the feel of the alternative band acoustic song, the One Republic/Ryan Tedder specialty, only sung with real soul. I would highly recommend you buy this song, and get it on your iPod right away.


You can find it on iTunes here. You can also check out Aitan at his official website here.


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