Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glee Redux - Blame It On The Alcohol

Jamie Foxx George Thorogood
Ke$ha The Human League

Clockwise from Top Left: Jamie Foxx, George Thorogood, Human League, Carole King, and Ke$ha.

Once again I am recapping the latest episode of Glee, only using the videos of the original songs rather than the made-for-TV covers. Hope you enjoy.

It is alcohol awareness because there seems to be an alcohol problem at McKinley high. Principal Figgins asks Mr. Shu to put together a program of songs to support the issue. Will chats with Miss Pillsbury, or Mrs Stamos, and they pretend to get along until Sue comes in to terrorize Shu, predicting his future-alcoholism. She thinks it will be from his losing with the GLEE club, and not his terrible track record with romance, which is quite the misstep for Sue.

The kids are chatting, and Puck wants Rachel to throw a party since her fathers are away for the weekend. She refuses, and moves on to hitting on Finn, wanting him to hear the song she has written for Regionals. She sings it, and Finn tries to be nice, but has to tell her 'Hairband' is terrible. Rachel decides she has to live more so she can write like Joni Mitchell or Carole King, and runs off to tell Puck the party is on. The cell phones light up as the kids are deciding who is going to Rachel's Train Wreck of a party.

They get to the party, only to find Rachel her prim and proper self, with a 2 wine-cooler minimum in place. After threatening to walk out, the kids agree to stay if Puck could break into Rachel's Dads liquor cabinet. Soon they are all drunk, and Finn gives a quick lesson to Rachel about the different types of drunk girls, ending with being mean to Rachel. Hmmmm. It is time to play spin the bottle, and Rachel gets Blaine as a 'partner'. While the sound of Josie Cotton's Johnny Are You Queer? play in the background, Rachel and Blaine kiss.

They linger a little longer than anyone expected, especially Kurt. A drunken Blaine and Rachel sing Don't You Want Me Baby by the Human League.

Kurt's Dad is making a brunch, and goes up to ask Kurt a question. He goes into his room and finds Blaine in the bed, while Kurt is up tending to his skin care regime.

The kids show up to school to rehearse a song for the assembly, and they are hungover. Artie offers up Bloody Maries, the hair of the dawg, to get them all back on even keel. Then they get up and sing Jamie Foxx's Blame It (On The Alcohol), while most are a bit toasty from the Bloody Maries.

Mr. Shu struggles with what to do about the assembly. She is chatting with Coach Beist about it, and they decide they need some time to relax, and perhaps a fun night out would be what the doctor ordered. Rachel calls up Blaine while listening to Carole King singing So Far Away.

Rachel asks Blaine out, which leads to a discussion between Kurt and Blaine about sexuality. Kurt is hurt because he feels Blaine's indecision about bisexuality is tantamount to going back into the closet, while Blaine thinks he has the right to explore his sexuality. And, let us not factor in Kurt's own injured pride about losing his gay man to a girl...

While out at a honky-tonk bar, Shu and Coach Beist are enjoying one another, and the hot called up Shu to do a song, and he demands Beist join him. The highlight of the week for me - Coach Beist singing! They perform One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, and chose to use the one by George Thorogood, since he is from Delaware! But certainly a nod to John Lee Hooker here!

Kurt helps Rachel with post-party clean up, and they talk about her "date" with Blaine. They went to see the movie Love Story, and went dressed as the characters. Kurt mentions this was the gayest date ever, but Rachel is hurt, and it turns to the ugly when Kurt says there can be nothing between her and Blaine, and Rachel sets out to prove him wrong.

The Beist is helping Mr. Shu home, both a bit on the drunk side. This is such a sweet moment, and for a change, Shu doesn't ruin it with inappropriate actions. They discuss the kids, and the Alcohol Awareness assembly. Beist goes home, and Shu grades papers, drinking a beer, and finally decides to drunk-dial Emma Stamos, only to be a blabbering mess. Shu wakes up the next morning and goes to school quite hungover, and goes to apologize to Emma, and she doesn't understand. Soon Sue straightens it out for Shu, as he drunk dialed Sue, not Emma. Sue plans to use it against him.

Kurt chats with his father, who is not happy about finding a boy in his son's bed. He thought it was rude of Kurt, and things need to be discussed first. Kurt relents and apologizes, but also asks if his father would learn a bit about gay sex so he could go to his father with any questions he might have. Seems to be a little passive-aggressive behavior flying tonight!

The kids drink a strange concoction of alcohol before going on, and then go out to perform Ke$ha's Tik Tok.

By the end of the performance, Rachel and Santana are vomiting on stage. Sue is soon on the public address system, talks about the Glee club spiraling out of control, led by the drunken exploits of the Mr. Shu. She then plays his drunk dial over the system for all to hear. Including an embarrassed Emma. And a humiliated Mr. Shu.

Principal Figgins calls Shu and the kids to his office, and he congratulates them on a realistic alcohol awareness program! But he does think Shu could use some help with his sex addiction. So, with another bullet dodged, Shu talks to the kids, and says he'd like them to stop drinking, a would like it if they did too. And he asks them to sign an agreement that should they slip up, they will call him and he will drive them home, since no one wants to see them get hurt. Th kids feel all loves and warm and fuzzy, and agree.

Kurt and Rachel are in the cafeteria, and Rachel is preparing to figure out if what she and Blaine had was real, or just the alcohol. As Blaine makes his way over to the table, Rachel jumps up and plants a kiss on his lips. For this scene, we have Carole King singing her ever-popular I Feel The Earth Move.

Blaine thinks a bit, and then announces that he is 100% and completely gay. Rachel is excited, because surely have a boy leave her for another boy is inspiration for her song, right? It seems to be a win-win, although Kurt still remains a bit confused. And still not kissed, is you discount the surprise kiss by the boy who was threatening his life and safety. End scene.

To catch any episodes you might have missed, you can find them online for FREE at Fox On Demand here or on Hulu here.


  1. I absolutely loved this episode. The more outrageous and outlandish the plot lines, the better. And the song choices were great. But best of all is your summary :-)

  2. The only issue I took with the episode was Kurt's implication that his Dad would have been cool if it was Finn who had a girl in his room sleeping.

    Solving for the sex part... no high school kid should be able to make the assumption that it is fine for them to have overnight company without informing their parent, period. So Kurt was way off and a bit disrepectful by assuming his Dad would have been lenient with an opposite sex guest for Finn.

    I thought the plot thread was poorly scripted and executed. Took away from the show and was very unfair to Kurt's Dad...

  3. Cubby, thank you, you flirt!

    Big Mark, I agree, it was uncomfy when the one person who supported him for so long was being smacked at.

    Wonder Man, I hope he will be back in the picture soon. I was grateful for some more of Coach Beiste!



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