Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Evening with Gareth Asher


I am a big fan of this Georgia-based singer/songwriter, and have enjoyed reading his updates about his trip to Italy. Before that, he released a video for the new year for his song On My Own from his latest album, Between The Smiles and Tears. Gareth utilized footage taken with a flip camera, both personal as well as from the road. This gives it quite a personal, intimate feel.

Just before he left for Italy, Gareth also laid down a video for a new song he had written, Holy Train. I am not sure if he is performing the song at stops in Italy, or he just wanted to share it with fans, but their way, I really like the song. Despite the slightly scary moustache.

While traveling through Italy, Gareth seized the opportunity to send a little video postcard, as he sat on a bridge in Venice and sang the Otis Redding classic, Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay.

For more about Gareth Asher, check out his official website here. You can also find his YouTube account here.

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