Monday, November 18, 2013

Dark Monday • Rich Man's Frug

Sweet Charity - Rich Man's Frug photo RichMansFrug001_zpsa2e734c1.jpg

Released on April Fool's Day in 1969, 'Sweet Charity' was a film adaptation of the Broadway hit musical that debuted in 1966. The show had lyrics by Dorothy Fields and music by the great Cy Coleman, and both earned Tony and Academy Award nominations. Both the stage and screen versions were directed and choreographed by the late Bob Fosse, something that hardly needs mention after checking out a single musical number. From the score, three great songs entered the Pop Culture zeitgeist, when "(Hey) Big Spender", "If They Could See Me Now" and "Where Am I Going" were heard and instantly recorded by others.

Sweet Charity - Rich Man's Frug photo RichMansFrug005_zpsbbeadd48.jpg Sweet Charity - Rich Man's Frug photo RichMansFrug006_zpse41a366f.jpg
Sweet Charity - Rich Man's Frug photo RichMansFrug004_zpscf34cd09.jpg Sweet Charity - Rich Man's Frug photo RichMansFrug002_zps34c1bf38.jpg Sweet Charity - Rich Man's Frug photo RichMansFrug003_zps7b8668bf.jpg

While those songs might have been recorded everywhere, there was another number in the film that never fails to catch my eye. During one scene in the club, the dancers and others at the club performing the 'latest dance craze'. I love watching "Rich Man's Frug", directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. Again, just a glance will easily allow you to identify the choreographer, so distinctive are the movements. So please enjoy "Rich Man's Frug" from the film 'Sweet Charity'.

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