Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Darren Ockert • "Crumbs" Music Video

Darren Ockert - Crumbs photo Crumbs001_zpsdb5f7e62.jpg
Darren Ockert - Crumbs photo Crumbs002_zpsace87b85.jpg Darren Ockert - Crumbs photo Crumbs005_zps6f14dd58.jpg

Miami-based singer/songwriter Darren Ockert has a new music video out, featuring the second single off the upcoming album, 'Short Story Long'. 'Crumbs' is a classic story of love gone wrong, when we try to make things work that might not be the best idea. The music video features Ockert as that voice in our head, telling us things we might not want to hear. Once we start listening to that voice, and are no longer willing to take the 'crumbs' we are tossed, we just might be able to find something new. Enjoy the music video for Darren Ockert's "Crumbs".

I love the song, and can't wait to have it on my iPod. I just really love the music that Ockert makes, and am excited to get the new album. For more about Darren Ockert, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, or 'follow' him on Twitter. 'Short Story Long' will be released November 12, 2013, and you can pre-order the new album from iTunes. To check out the first single off the album, "You Don't Know Me", I have posted about it here.

Darren Ockert - Crumbs photo Crumbs004_zps130f159b.jpg Darren Ockert - Crumbs photo Crumbs003_zpsa25d3427.jpg
Darren Ockert - Crumbs photo Crumbs006_zps44c523e7.jpg

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