Friday, September 6, 2013

Matt Alber • Tightrope Reddfield Remix

Matt Alber photo MattAlber_zpsfd40f9c0.jpg

As we start the weekend, it seemed like a great time to visit with Matt Abler, the talented singer/songwriter with a truly versatile voice. Matt first came to the attention of many when he was a vocalist with Chanticleer, the amazing men's chorus that takes on Classical music, as well as Pop. On his latest album, 'Constant Crows', he offers up some intimate Pop music that speaks from the heart. One of the tracks off the album, "Tightrope", was instantly one of my favorites. Here is a live recording of the song, from an interview on SiriusXM in March of this year.

Now, while you might think thinks couldn't get any better than that, Matt has released a two new remixes of "Tightrope", the "Reddfield Deep Radio Edit" and the "Reddfield Deep Extended Edit". Both take that gorgeous song and repackage it with a sleek new cover, complete with beats that make you want to get out of your chair and move!

Matt Alber Tightrope Remixes cover photo MattAlberTightropeRemixesCOVER_zpse5bfbc63.jpg

The cover (above) isn't the only thing that is bright and colorful! The stylish and sexy remixes put a new sheen on a gorgeous song written by the talented man. In case you'd like a little sample of the delicious new confection, here is a minute tease of the real thing!

You can purchase the "Tightrope" Remixes from iTunes and Amazon. Due to Matt's generosity, you can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of that live acoustic recording of "TightRope" from his SiriusXM appearance in March here. You can also buy his video performing "Tightrope" from 'With Strings Attached', his live performance with the Cello Street Quartet from his official online store. For more about Matt, and to check out his upcoming tour dates, visit his official website. To purchase 'Constant Crows', the latest release by Matt Alber, you can find it on iTunes, Amazon or Matt's online store. By the way, Matt is starting a Midwest leg of his tour with the wonderful Tom Goss, a show that is not to be missed!


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