Thursday, September 19, 2013

With A Chill In The Air, It's Fall...

Clockwise: Brian Glenn, Bobby Jo Valentine, Marshall Tucker, and Corey TuT.

As the temperatures start to drop on the East Coast, with highs in the 70s here in Delaware, it feels like summer is leaving, and Fall is making the way into our lives. With this chill tickling us, teasing what we know is still to come, it had me thinking about the change in the weather. Fall means something different to so many, and I thought I would keep that in mind while I put the post together. I went to my iTunes, and typed in 'fall', and checked out what songs came up. So that is how I started my search for the right songs, and I think I might have found them. While none really reference the season, they are all about a fall of one kind or another. And they are all by amazing out and proud artists, making music I love to hear. And while there might be aspects of life they share, they all use different genres to speak to their particular journey. I will start with a fantastic Country artist I have loved since 2004, Brian Glenn. He has worked with some of the best in Country Music, including Keith Urban, Travis Tritt, and Marty Stuart. Glenn has played at the Grand Old Opry, The Ryman, and in the house band for NBC's Nashville Star. In 2007, he released his solo album, 'Original Intent', and I love it. There was one song I can listen to again and again, and in fact do just that. This is Brian Glenn singing "The Whole World Is Falling In Love".

Now, I find it hard to think anyone can get much more charming that the talented Bobby Jo Valentine. There is an innate sweetness and innocence to his songs, as well as a real honesty. There is something wonderful about the way he pairs up Folk and Pop in a seamless package. When I first heard of him, I purchased his 2012 EP, 'By My Side'. I instantly had a musical crush on him, and had to add all his music to my collection. That would include a full album from last year, and another from 2011. One of the songs I found irresistible from the first listen is "Until The Last Leaf Falls", a gorgeous love song that warms my heart every time I hear it. Here is a video of Bobby Jo singing "Until The Last Leaf Falls" live at a radio station KRCB, part of the PBS/NPR network.

Next up, I offer you a recent addition to my music collection. Rocker Corey TuT was directed to me by the wonderfully talented David Raleigh, and once again I got great advice from an artist. Last month, I reviewed Corey's latest release, 'Chasing Down the Bedlam', which I loved. I have to admit I quickly added more of Corey's music to my collection, including 'Falling Up: The Pursuit of Life, Love & Happiness Part 1'. This is another great collection, a 6-song EP, and it included a wonderful song, "Falling Apart". The rocking power ballad sounds ready for radio, a perfect aural confection. It also managed to be a double winner, with 'fall' in both the song and album title. This is Corey TuT singing "Falling Apart".

And finally, we come to the last song in the post, and the first to really reference the seasonal change. "Fallen Leaves" was a 2009 single by Marshall Titus, an artist I discovered through Nhojj. Once I heard his cover of George Michael's "Father Figure", I had to hear more. That would include the earlier single, a sexy R&B song that really speaks to my soul. There is a wonderful depth to Marshall's voice. As the song takes a look at the passage of time, you can hear it as he sings. I hope you enjoy Marshall Titus singing "Fallen Leaves".

All four songs can be found on iTunes and Amazon. I think they all make a wonderful addition to any playlist.


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