Friday, September 27, 2013

Date Night • Miles Apart

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This evening, I bring you 'Miles Apart', a short film produced and directed by Jonathan M. Guttman for LCA Productions/Lights Camera Action Inc. The cast includes Brad Schmidt as Miles, Craig Burke as Jeffrey, Megan Hamaker as Kathryn, and Kathleen O'Neel Toleedo as Darleen. Jeffrey brings Miles home for his sister Darleen's wedding, and under the disapproving eyes of his mother. The boys made the trip to Long Island from their apartment in Manhattan, picked up by Kathryn, who clearly loves her son, at least the part she cares to acknowledge. Yes, it seems there is plenty of miles between Jeffrey and his mother, and not just those between the Island and the City. When Kathryn overhears the boys in a private conversation, will she and her son be able to get through the weekend without destroying the fragile relationship they have? At just under 20 minutes, I hope you find the time to watch and enjoy 'Miles Apart'.

Have a great weekend!

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