Friday, July 26, 2013

Date Night • Secrets

Secrets short film photo Secrets001_zps7c8d1b78.jpg
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Secrets short film photo Secrets004_zps02f9d805.jpg Secrets short film photo Secrets006_zpsadc21c87.jpg

Starring Bryan Endress-Fox and Casey Graf, two of five young people proving their is no such thing as an innocent evening of drinking. As the alcohol flows, cards are pulled, with the high and low cards spending time together in the bathroom. Between the drink and a seemingly dangerous infatuation with erotic asphyxia. some of these youngsters are left figuring out their own secrets, and leaves other gasping for air.When someone starts pressing their eye to the keyhole, will they see what they expected? The short film was produced, written and directed by Jeff Warden, and was included as part of the collection 'Boy Brief 5', a DVD release. The film runs just under 15 minutes, and will surely charm you.

Have a great weekend! To learn more about writer/director Jeff Warden, visit his official website.

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