Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Well Strung • Mozart Meets Kelly Clarkson

Well-Strung photo MozartClarkson001_zps54b20f3f.jpg
Edmund Bagnell of Well-Strung photo MozartClarkson003_zps0412295a.jpg Chris Marchant of Well-Strung photo MozartClarkson007_zps0e6886c4.jpg
Daniel Shelvin of Well-Strung photo MozartClarkson005_zps9dff7ffe.jpg Trevor Wadleigh of Well-Strung photo MozartClarkson004_zpse50dad4b.jpg
Individual pictures, clockwise:Edmund Bagnell, Chris Marchant, Trevor Wadleigh, and Daniel Shelvin.

Well-Strung is a classically-trained string quartet making music and redefining just what a 'boy band' sounds like. Edmund Bagnell, first violinist, Chris Marchant, 2nd violinist, Daniel Shelvin, cellist, and Trevor Wadleigh, violaist, came together to make music that spans the world of Classical and Pop. And they also look damn good in tight black t-shirts and jeans. And they all just happen to be gay men, playing music they love. In their latest music video, released yesterday, Well-Strung put together an unlikely mash-up of Mozart and Kelly Clarkson with their usual style and flair. For this video, they feature Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (First Movement)" with Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone".

While this particular mash-up doesn't appear on their most recent release, 'The Singing String Quartet', the Mozart piece does. The album is quite delightful, combining great songs from both the worlds of Pop and Classical music. You can purchase the album on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. They have just released this as a single, and you can find it on iTunes and CD Baby. To learn more about Well-Strung, visit their official website. You can also "follow" them on Twitter, or "like" them on Facebook.

Well-Strung photo MozartClarkson002_zpsf1ab93f6.jpg


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