Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mister Chase • F*** U Betta/Tootsie Roll

Mister Chase - Eff U Betta photo FUBetta005_zpse2badde0.jpg
Mister Chase - Eff U Betta photo FUBetta002_zps2c9a304f.jpg Mister Chase - Eff U Betta photo FUBetta004_zpsbd9db5b8.jpg
Mister Chase - Eff U Betta photo FUBetta008_zps8b8f96d5.jpg Mister Chase - Eff U Betta photo FUBetta006_zps965a4e83.jpg

Mister Chase has a new music video and two songs for your enjoyment this summer. The first is a sexy new video for "F*** U Betta", a cover of the song by British singer/songwriter Neon Hitch. While there was also a clean version for the original, calling itself "Love U Betta", Mister Chase sticks with the rawer version, much to our delight. He also brings relationships to the boxing ring, bringing sex and battle to new heights. And whether in his boxing trunks or naked in the shower, Mister Chase is looking like a clear winner to me. Between the adult language and the sexually charged imagery, I'd say this might not be safe for work or with small children, but it a definite must for grownups. The video is immediately followed by another, which I will discuss after the music video for "F*** U Betta".

Now you might need a break to cool yourself off with a nice stiff glass of ice water, you just get a towel to wipe your sweaty self dry. But I mentioned there was a second video that followed "F*** U Betta", and it is just as flirty and suggestive as the first. Mister Chase also teamed up with Johnny Sibilly to give a new take on the song from the 69 Boyz, "Toostee Roll". Originally released in 1994, the song made it to #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as a Top 10 in on the Hot R&B Songs chart, and #1 on the Billboard Rap chart. In the music video, Mister Chase and Johnny show you how you should be dancing to the song, making all kinds of moves on a schoolyard.

Mister Chase - Tootsie Roll photo TootsieRoll001_zps092c3591.jpg
Mister Chase - Tootsie Roll photo TootsieRoll002_zps2c8ffa82.jpg Mister Chase - Tootsie Roll photo TootsieRoll003_zpsee9990f8.jpg

You can purchase "F*** U Betta" on iTunes and Amazon, and you can purchase "Tootsie Roll" on iTunes and Amazon as well. To learn more about Mister Chase, visit his official website. You can also 'like' them on Facebook, or 'follow' him on Twitter.


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