Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tom Goss • Bears Music Video

Tom Goss - Bears Music Video photo Bears004_zpseba84e37.jpg
Tom Goss - Bears Music Video photo Bears001_zps7f181a7e.jpg Tom Goss - Bears Music Video photo Bears002_zpsa882f630.jpg
Screen grabs from the "Bears" music video.

Singer/songwriter Tom Goss has released a new single and music video, and it could be my new song for the summer! "Bears" is sexy and sweet, and the music video, directed by the super-talented team of Aram Vartian and Michael Patrick Key, is a rollicking non-stop joy ride, a perfect compliment to the song produced by Rich Morel. I've seen Tom sing "Bears" live a couple of times, always bringing such great energy from the audience. This single makes the first time the song has been recorded, and it brings the energy in the live performances to a new high. Tom is looking every bit as hot, if not hotter, than ever! Once you watch the video, I bet you won't be able to resist buying the single for that great summer playlist! Get ready to find yourself some new boyfriends in "Bears"!

See, I wasn't wrong, was I? I know there were a couple of guys there who caught my eye! "Bears" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. To learn more about Tom, visit his official website. Check out his touring schedule, for you won't want to miss him if he is playing in your area. You can also follow him on Twitter, or like him on Facebook.

Tom Goss - Bears Music Video photo Bears006_zps7209064a.jpg Tom Goss - Bears Music Video photo Bears007_zpsb30de57d.jpg
Tom Goss - Bears Music Video photo Bears005_zps20e8b80e.jpg


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