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BBC's Being Human - Pie And Prejudice

'Being Human' is the BBC's series that inspired the SyFy Channel's retooling. The series follows the lives of a supernatural trio, a ghost, vampire, and werewolf, as they live together and attempt to lead a 'normal' live. It blends domestic comedy and horror drama to tell the story. The show was a breakaway hit in the 2009 debut, the show continued with the success, with a hot new cast! However, it has been announced this is the final season.

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Being Human stars (left to right): Damien Molony, Michael Socha, and Kate Bracken.

When we last saw our sexy supernatural threesome, Hal and Tom, our vampire and werewolf respectively, had lost their jobs at the Barry Grand Hotel, but were being called back in. You know, the hotel where the Devil was staying, and talking people into suicide. Like Patsy, the boss with the crush on Hal. Alex had battled with the other realm, taking on the men with sticks and rope, and returned to the B&B. And Dominick Rook had introduced himself to Hal, explaining his job, and how his bureau was being abolished. What more can happen to our otherworldly creatures? We will find out tonight.

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This week opens in a television studio, where a weatherman is recording his segment nine months ago. He's being a diva, sure the crew were trying to make him look bad. As he exits the studio, he is giving a woman a hard time on the phone, complaining about a recently purchased jacuzzi. On the way to the car, he drops his golf clubs, and when he looks up, he sees a snarling werewolf. After it scratches his shoulder, he beats it with his gold club.

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Back in current time at the hotel, we learn Hal has been made acting manager of the place, as they are still trying to find Patsy. Tom is a bit jealous he wasn't asked to me the manager, and Alex is toying with Hal, tossing bits of food at him. As they argue, the weatherman walk in, still a lame ass as always. And Hal immediately identifies him as a werewolf. He is going to be speaking at the Hotel. When he begins his talk, the few audience members there sit silent, not finding his stories all that funny. Afterwards, Tom speaks to him in the men's room, impressed with the werewolf. However, the man seems oblivious to Tom's questions. He autographs a picture and is then on his way.

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At the bureau warehouse, Mr. Rook is losing it as he hears a politician on the radio, talking about cuts to government bureau's that are not pulling their weight. We leave as he starts to toss things around. At the B&B, Tom mocks Hal, who is dressed to visit his friend, Lady Mary. Tom warns him about hanging with other fangers, but Hal informs him she is not a vampire, but a ghost. Alex is not impressed he knows a lady ghost and not introduced her. As he visits with Lady Mary, Alex surprises them, and despite Hal's consternation, the Lady decides to try to help Alex with her 'finish'. She sends Hal away, and as soon as he is gone, the frail and blushing Lady Mary disappears, and the brash ghost comes out to play with Alex.

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Hal is trying to get a bead on what is up with Larry Chrysler, interested in getting him out of the Hotel. The weatherman takes food from the buffet by the bagful, and agrees to move on. In a dance club, a cursing Lady Mary hangs with Alex, and we learn she was once the posh Lady Hal knew, but through the decades has learned much about the world, although Hal can't see it. So she pretends with him. She is fascinated with Hal, having once had something with him, until she was killed. As they chat, Lady Mary is reading human minds, finding dark secrets and loving it. Indeed, she has changed with time. At the Hotel, Tom runs into Chrysler as he goes out, Tom commenting on the man scenting his trail with the chicken. Again, Chrysler seems oblivious.

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Out at the club, Lady Mary and Alex are in the bathroom, which is rife with sex. It seems Lady Mary gets her thrills reading the minds of the couple having sex, not a great time for Alex. Tom is at work, and sees Chrysler coming in wearing an ill-fitting dress, talking about a big night out with some fans. Tom tells him he recognizes the signs, and he is a werewolf too. It seems Larry has never met another werewolf before. Tom wants to know the secret to his success. Chrysler babbles some, intent on learning more about Tom's living situation.

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Speaking of which, Hal is back at the B&B, putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and Alex pops in to tell Hal his quiet Lady Mary is a lunatic. Alex fears crazy might be in her future, although Hal assures her they are very different. While Alex is not so sure, Tom is jumping around, and answers to door. It seems he was expecting Chrysler to come for a visit. He is going to tutor Tom to be successful, and will move in to do so. Alex and Hal are less than impressed with the idiot. Up in his room, Tom mentions he was surprised Larry was moving in to the B&B, but Chrysler bluffs his way through. Tom wants to start his training, and Chrysler has him read a silly self-help book, 'I Want All The Pie'. Tom seems enchanted with the man, wanting to be a success himself, to make his father proud. Chrysler gives the boy an ill-fitting suit, a beginning to the training. But he really could use some money, as his own is tied up in banks at the moment. Tom goes to work at the Hotel, wearing the jacket. He congratulates Hal on his promotion, they explains there is a new player in town, ready to compete with Hal for the glory. Tom moves through the dinging room as we hear the opening of the Flying Lizard's cover of the Janie Bradford and Berry Gordy song "Money", also covered by the Beatles.

Tom and Chrysler are in a car together, and Larry would like the young werewolf to break a windshield in a parking lot. Tom wants to know who owns the car, and after some double talk, Larry admits is was his, but now belongs to his ex-wife. After Tom refuses, Chrysler settles for letting the air out of the tires, which Tom does. Cut to Alex having a chat with Lady Mary, trying to figure things out. She discovers the elder ghost has had plenty of doors pop up, but she has ignored them all, to be there for Hal. Mary believes she is keeping Hal clean, and that she was his last victim. Alex thinks there are too many lies, and that Mary needs to come clean. But the Lady is afraid Hal might not like her any more. Alex invites her to come out of the castle, to her world.

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Back at the B&B, Hal has a chat with Chrysler, hoping his tutoring is progressing, and the werewolf will be on his way soon. We then see Mr. Rook struggling to figure out what is next for him, as he had only his job before, and is lost without it. He is talking on the phone, and opening up more than perhaps he should, and certainly more than he ever has before. After he says what he needs to, we see it is a phone sex line. Hal tried to talk to Tom at the B&B, explaining he fears Chrysler might not be the success they once thought. He explains the weatherman was fired six months before, but Tom only sees it as jealousy that Tom might have found a path to success. Hal calls the man a charleton, but Tom doesn't buy that at all. Chrysler might not be nice, but Tom is tried of being nice and finishing last. He feels he is letting his father down, settling instead of striving. Hal feels for the young wolf, but knows this can't continue.

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Alex bring Mary to the B&B, where she meets Tom and Larry, and immediately find no use in Chrysler. Tom invites her for dinner, and Alex tries to force some truth out of Hal. Meanwhile, Larry interrupts, asking about hygiene and sex. He presses on, and while Hal is in the kitchen, Mary gets a knife to Chrysler's neck. Then between his legs, and he leaves. Mary sees Hal glancing into the room, and pops back to the castle. Hal comes in, convinced Alex has 'broken' his Lady. She points out the Lady is faking it with Hal, to keep him off blood. Hal doesn't think Lady Mary could handle the truth, and leaves the room. Tom tells Alex her friend is a nutter, and she tells him his friends is a ass, and a letch.

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Tom goes up to see his friend, and finds the mirror broken and his knuckles bleeding. Tom asks about when his tutor will be returning to the small screen, and gets a vague answer. He'd like to do some schooling at Larry's house, and see his jacuzzi. Of course he can't, since the older man's ex has the house, and he has nothing. Tom calls the man out, but Larry tries to deflect the talk. He speaks to how the wolf has changed him, added to his aggression, to his lust. Tom is not buying it, but leaves upset.

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Lady Mary comes back, and Alex convinces her to be honest with her vampire suitor, and she comes clean. Hal tells her she was not his last victim, and has not kept him clean. She tells him off, and gives Alex the business as well before she pops out. Alex is also angry with Hal, but is interrupted by Chrysler, who was hiding behind the bar. He tells them Tom has left the house, and he plans to fill in for him, both on the job and in the house. Hal and Alex know where to find Tom, and go to McNair's grave to find him. Tom is down, thinking there is no way to succeed as a werewolf. No matter what success a wolf might have, they all end up in the woods, eating rabbit. The wolf is making Tom stupid, or so Tom believes. Hal is not happy, and tells Tom that even if that is true, he proves his worth by fighting it every day, much like he fights his bloodthirst. He tells him he is a success, and is, in fact, the best man he has ever known. But Tom has given up, and is crying in is tent. Hal storm back to the B&B, eager to get rid of Chrysler. He threatens the wolf, wanting him gone.

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In an empty room, we find Rook with a stopwatch and a gun. He hits go on the watch, and puts the gun to his head. Soon 30 seconds, then 45 pass. Back in the woods, Alex is talking to Tom, speaking of her fear of ending up like Lady Mary, a little crazy and alone. She needs an anchor, and that is Hal and Tom. He needs the werewolf to come home, to help her stay connected and not go crazy. Alex goes home, to give Hal her surprise. She finds him struggling with a stake, and Lady Mary is sitting in the corner, seeking revenge. No matter what Hal says, she continues to press the stake closer. Alex works her mind to save the vampire, only making Mary try harder. Tom walks in and grabs the stake, keeping it from Hal's heart.

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Alex goes to Mary, and tells her to let go, for now Hal is not Mary's problem, but Tom's and Alex's. They will keep him clean, she can move on. Mary relents, and let's go of the stake. Alex and Mary are talking outside, Mary trying to figure out what might be in her future, like traveling. Alex bids adieu. Tom and Hal are talking inside, the vampire talking about Larry deciding to leave. Tom thanks Hal, and tells him he is a good bloke. As Tom walks down the hall, Hal remembers how things ended with Chrysler, as the werewolf picked a fight with the vampire, pushing and picking at him. The vampire comes out, and is soon choking the wolf with a lamp chord. As he falls unconscious, Hal realizes what he is doing. As Rook watches the stopwatch come up on a minute, he still has the pistol at his temple. As he is about to pull the trigger, his phone rings, It is Hal. He needs some help in cleaning up a mess, as Chrysler lies lifeless on the floor. Hal is upset, having killed again.

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Now that Rook is in their life, will he help with the Devil at work? Will the trio be able to return to a happy life, or has just too much gone on with them lately? Guess we won't know, until next week. 'Being Human' can be seen at 10PM on Saturday nights on BBC America! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the fourth season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow BBC America on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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