Thursday, July 4, 2013

Billy Murray • You're A Grand Old Flag

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 photo Billy_Murray_zpsb8211790.jpg  photo George-m-cohan_zps3cdcd904.jpg
Top: Record pressing of "The Grand Old Rag". Bottom, left to right: Billy Murray, and George M. Cohan.

Billy Murray sings "You're A Grand Old Flag", written by the great composer George M Cohan. This was recorded 107 years ago in 1906. The song, first written as "A Grand Old Rag" for his Broadway musical 'George Washington Jr'. One of the earliest recordings of the song is by Vaudeville and recording star Billy Murray. He kept the 'rag' lyrics, which were later removed by Cohan and 'flag' was repeated in the lyrics. The song become the first song to ever sell over 1 million copies of sheet music. This is Billy Murray singing "The Grand Old Rag".

Enjoy your July 4th!

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