Monday, July 15, 2013

Brandon Ford's 'Pay Phone'

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Are you wondering why I am pointing at Brandon Ford's novel, 'Pay Phone'? I wanted you to see that I had my copy, and now would be a great opportunity for you to get yours! You see, for a limited time, 'Pay Phone' is available on for just $6.14 for the physical book, or $6.29 for the Kindle version. Set in New York City in the winter of 1998, as a vicious killer stares out the window of his apartment, looking for his next victim. As he peers out the window, he sees a man who catches his eye, walking by the pay phone. Will he answer the phone when it rings?

Pay Phone - Brandon Ford photo PayPhone290_zps480a0ecd.jpg Brandon Ford photo BrandonFord_zps21d27ce1.jpg

'Pay Phone' is a terrific book. It has a timeline that doesn't allow the story to get lost or derailed. You feel like you are reading it in real time, watching the story unfold before your eyes. It is exciting, never losing your interest. Still not sure? How if I tell you Andrew Wotlter, author of 'Nightfall', said it was "Compelling, intelligent, and altogether chilling. 'Pay Phone' solidifies Brandon Ford as a classic, distinctive voice in a world flooded with menial dark fiction!" You can find 'Pay Phone' on sale at Amazon. Enjoy!

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