Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Michael Lowman • "Your Lovin' Ain't Right"

Michael Lowman - You're Lovin' Ain't Right photo YoureLovin002_zps46f5f3f4.jpg
Michael Lowman - You're Lovin' Ain't Right photo YoureLovin003_zps2b14429e.jpg Michael Lowman - You're Lovin' Ain't Right photo YoureLovin001_zps443c11d5.jpg
Michael Lowman in "You're Lovin' Ain't Right"

I have been a fan of singer/songwriter Michael Lowman since the release of his first EP, the wonderful "In My Own Words" . Lowman, a native of South Africa, saw interest in his music take off, and it was not long before he was signed to EMI/Universal Records. As he works on his first release for them, which is due out sometime this summer, he did this wonderful music video, featuring his song "You're Lovin' Ain't Right". The song rocks and rolls, and even offers a bit of Rockabilly flavors. Michael seems like a natural for this uptempo song, but why don't you see, or should I say hear, for yourself? This is "You're Lovin' Ain't Right".

While the single is not yet available for purchase, I will keep everyone up-to-date when Michael album, 'Crayon Boxes', comes out. But for now, you can check him out on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. You can also find his first EP, 'In My Own Words', on Amazon and iTunes.


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