Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tom Goss & Matt Alber

Matt Alber Tom Goss
Right: Matt Alber; left: Tom Goss.

Tonight, I am in Washington, DC, to catch a show by the very talented out and proud artists, Tom Goss and Matt Alber. I have been looking forward to the show since I purchased a ticket to see them play two years ago, when the area was hit by "Snowmagedon", and the show was cancelled. So while I am there, you can enjoy a bit of there music, too. It will be like you are with me at the Atlas Theater. I will start with the wonderful Tom Goss, singing the song that sealed my fate from the first time I heard him. When he played "Rise" at the World Cafe Live several years ago, I knew I would buy his album. Once I had that, I was toast. I've been buying albums and show tickets since. Here is Tom's video for "Rise".

Together, Matt and Tom wrote a song to support the members of the Armed Forces who fell victim to the institutional discrimination that was the failed policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". Here are Matt and Tom singing it live shortly after writing it, flanked by men who were discharged due to the policy. This is the song "Who We Are".

Matt has been participation in the music business for some time, including being a part of the celebrated vocal group Chanticleer. Eventually, he went out on his own, releasing the album Hide Nothing. The single off that 2008 album was "End Of The World". The video was so rich, so beautifully shot, it was hard to miss.

You can purchase Tom's recent release, Turn It Around, off iTunes or Amazon. You can purchase Matt's latest release, Constant Crows, off iTunes and Amazon.

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