Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eli Lieb • Adele & Others

Eli Lieb
Eli-Lieb Eli Lieb

It is fun to take a look at the rise of Eli Lieb, the handsome singer/songwriter from Fairfield, Iowa. Music has been an important part of his life growing up, and Lieb pursued his dreams, and moved to New York City, looking to hone his skills and get a break. He played some of the top clubs and stages, gaining precious experience and a following. After ten years in the city, the young man returned home to Iowa, but had not given up his dreams. Among the things he learned, music production came in handy as he started to produce his own material. He also began working on some videos to post to Youtube, to get his name out there, as well as to keep a finger on the pulse of Pop music. It didn't take long before people took notice of the guy from Iowa. In fact, people began wanting produced recordings, and soon Lieb made them available online. Some of those songs included "Someone Like You", the brilliant song written by Adele and Dan Wilson, and performed to perfection of the British chanteuse. But the one I really love is his cover of "Turning Tables", off the first Adele album. Check out Eli's version of the song.

I should also mention Eli is an out and proud gay man, just another reason to support his efforts. Among the many covers you can find online, he also gave a shot at Britney Spears' "Inside Out" and gave added depth to Katy Perry's "Fireworks", while keeping a lid on the amount of pyrotechnics. Give a listen to another of his YouTube videos, shot in Iowa, for the Perry song.

Of course, is there anyone who has recorded cover songs in the last few years that have not rearranged and massaged the music of Lady Gaga? Well, count Lieb among those who have, with his stripped down version of "The Edge of Glory" actually gives the song sturdier legs to stand on.

I have to say, Lieb has a beautiful combination of tone and grit in his voice. And he really knows how to use both. And he is a smart man, offering those covers as a FREE DOWNLOAD on his official website, just by joining his email list. Just visit the official website, and click on the headline "FREE ELI LIEB YOUBE COVERS EP". Recently, Lieb released a sweet version of the Maroon 5 song, "Payphone", which also features Wiz Khalifa. Give a listen to this, I think it is kinda wonderful.

You can find much of Eli's music on iTunes, including the covers of "Payphone" and "Someone Like You". Lieb also has an album of original material that is quite nice. I hope to being you more on that soon. But for now, to learn more about Eli Lieb, visit his official website. You can also follow him on Twitter or "like" him on Facebook.



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